Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ford's Second Week

I am way behind on my blogging, but bear with me...I wouldn't want y'all to miss a minute of Ford's exciting life.  In the interest of full coverage, here is a quick synopsis of Ford's second (very chilly) week on earth.  

He had his first outing--to the park.  Ford decided it was kind of horrible and buried himself in my jacket.  He thinks this cold February weather is for the birds.
Ford experimented with different stations around the house, including his swing and bouncy chair, below.
He relaxed in his pajamas from Walter...

He became more alert, but still oh-so-serious.
In an extremely exciting development, Ford met Mimi, who he liked very much.  Mimi spent a very special week with us and it was so nice having her.  She cooked us delicious meals, played all kind of fun games, and was a wonderful companion.  We are missing her!
More looking...

Ford's second week was really cold, so there was lots and lots of cuddling in the house.  Ford was thrilled--it was a pretty perfect way for a newborn to spend his second week!
This sweet big sister is SO sweet to her baby brother.  I've never seen a prouder sister, and she could not be better with Ford.  I have loved watching how loving, careful, and gentle she is with him.  Miss E already seems older, and we are so proud of how well she has handled the transition to having a baby around.

Evie and Charlie love tummy time.  If I ever put Ford down on his back, Evie loudly reminds me, "he needs tummy time!"  Much to Ford's chagrin, he gets lots of tummy time, but luckily, he has lots of company. :)
More cuddles...
Charlie is quite smitten with little Ford.  He showers him with hugs and kisses and tells him, about 100 times/day, "baby Ford, I love you SO much!"  Ford better grow up quick, because Charlie has big plans for him!

Ford also had his first snow day, although I don't believe he ventured outside.  It was SO cold.  I braved it for a little while, but finally chickened out and left Clint outside with the two bigs.  They were surprisingly hardy.  Evie was freezing, but wouldn't come inside until Charlie did, and he stayed out for a couple of hours.  At least they got nice and worn out!

Luckily, Daddy was home to have a wild snowball fight.  Guess who was thrilled?
This goofball loved making snow angels.  I can't believe he could stand the cold, but he was so proud of his final product:

Miss E mostly wanted "up!"  Clint sweetly cuddled her, and I think it was the only way she could stand the cold.  She was a trooper, though, and did not complain!

Nico, our neighbor, came over, and he, Clint, and Charlie had a wild snowball fight.  If you look closely, you can see Evie at the top of the fort.  She was horrified at the idea of someone hitting any of her family members with snow balls, so this whole fight was very traumatic for her. :)

The little prince preferred to relax in the warm house. :)

Good thing he got some rest during the day, because once the bigs came in from outside, he got...more cuddling! :)

First, with Evie...
...then Charlie...

...then Daddy...
...and Mimi...
It is SO exhausting being a baby!

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