Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, February 3, 2014

Ford's Hospital Stay

Our hospital stay was so nice and relaxing this time.  Knowing I was going home to two "big" kids plus a baby, I really took advantage of my time in the hospital to cuddle Ford and just relax.  It was so nice to focus on him and bond with him a bit, and the little guy just stole our hearts.  It is always amazing to me how before your baby is born, you can't imagine loving another child as much as the ones you have, and then he comes, and somehow, you do!

Here is the sweet boy in his hospital bassinet.  He loves to cuddle, so he didn't spend too much time in here. :)
Sweet smiles. :)

I love it when he opens his eyes.  He gives me the most skeptical little looks, wondering "what are we doing here?"
Me and my baby boy.
Couldn't get enough of these cuddles.
Daddy liked to cuddle too...
Papa and Ahh deserve a big shout out on the blog.  They were amazing all week and managed the big kids so well.  It was a hard week, because the kids were sick at the beginning and as a result, Evie had ear and eye drops to do 2-3 times a day all week.  Sounds like not such a big deal, but when you are holding down a wriggling, writhing lion cub, you will feel differently!  Papa took that on, as well as waking up with her at night (her ears were hurting her), and so he looked a bit like a new parent, but didn't make us feel too guilty. :)  They were so sweet and made our time away so fun for Charlie and Evie; I don't think they even missed us!  Clint did a lot of running back and forth as well, and I know the kids loved having all their favorite people around.  When Clint was home, Ford got some special time with Papa and Ahh.

Ahh was quick to get him wrapped in his "soft" blankets and hat. :)

Papa and Ahh also thought he needed a paci (or "Bobby", as Evie calls it).

Sweet sleeping boy.

Ford loves all his visitors, but these two pint-sized ones might have been his favorites. :)
He also got some special time with Audra and Elle...
...Ann, who is expecting his new best buddy in a few weeks...
...and Bethany (she almost made it to the hospital, but we barely beat her home), who is expecting a little girlfriend for Ford in May. :)

Against his better judgement, Ford posed for some shots with the hospital photographer.  I grabbed a few pictures over her shoulder. :)

Silly boy was sucking his thumb during several sonograms, and found it immediately (as in, in the recovery room) after birth.  He continued to enjoy it until we decided to replace it with the paci. :)
Our hospital stay was pretty relaxing and uneventful until the last night, when Ford had several big spit-up events.  The nurse was in the room during one of them and he projectile vomited across the room.  Next thing I knew, the neonatologist was in the room and they took Ford down to the nursery for an x-ray, some blood work and some other unpleasant procedures.  I fed him there while they observed him and then we waited to see if he would projectile vomit again.  I prayed that he wouldn't, as the neonatologist wanted to put him in the NICU overnight on fluids and run some more tests in the morning if he did.  Luckily, Ford kept that feeding and the next few down.  Our ultimate verdict: the boy is going to be a spitter-upper, but he is perfectly healthy.  I think he might have some reflux (he tends to spit up if we lay him down right after a feeding), but so far, he is not fussy at all, so we are hoping it stays that way.  When we got back to our room around midnight that night, Ford, Clint and I were exhausted, but so relieved to have Ford with us in the room!

It was such a wonderful, relaxing, sweet hospital stay, and I feel so lucky to have had that time with Ford.  We missed Charlie and Evie so much, though, so it was nice to get home!

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  1. Katie we can't wait to meet Ford. Please call us when you go to Seguin next. I will even make a pot of vegetable chili for you!