Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Ford: 2 Months Old

Ford continues to grow and change and is just getting more and more fun.  This month brought out the smiley side of Ford--he is the most cheerful baby I've ever had, and it is almost impossible to look at him and not get a smile.  His happy, jolly ways have made him very popular in our house!  Ford is still a little stinker in the sleep department and wants to eat every 2 hours or so, but we are guessing (hoping?) he will improve soon.  Until then, we will enjoy the extra time with him. :)

Ford is great at smiling and gooing.  As Charlie says, "Ford is very good at 'goo'!"

The serious side of Ford...

Clint and I love to see Ford's face peeking over somebody's shoulder.  He is so, so interested in the world and when he looks over a shoulder, he is always peering intently about, with his eyebrows raised high.  I just can't get over that sweet little face!

Ford's two-month stats were:

Weight: 11 lbs., 9.4 oz. (45%)
Length: 23 in. (55%)
Head: 15.5 in. (70%)

We love our growing boy!

Monday, March 24, 2014


Ford has been making little noises on and off over the past few weeks, but on March 18, he really started to coo.  If everything is going just right for him, he makes the cutest, softest little "goo" noises.  We love to watch him work himself up to make noises: he waves his arms  wildly and gets a very determined look on his face and after mustering up everything he has, emits a sweet, soft little "goo."  It looks so funny to see all that effort produce such a tiny little noise. :)  It is the sweetest thing, and I love seeing his little smiling face cooing at me from his changing table.  Ford is getting more and more smiley and it's fun to see his chubby little cheeks puff out even further into a smile.  I feel like he still has such a serious look, but his smiling and sweet cooing are making me feel like he might have a sense of humor after all. :)

I was finally able to capture his smile on camera (thanks to Daddy's smile-getting talents), and here he is! *Don't worry, every stage of the smile is captured. :)

I think the resemblance to baby Charlie is pretty uncanny...
And not so unlike this sweet girl, although she has always had her own look... 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sibling Love

I know I have a million pictures of Charlie and Evie holding Ford, but they just can't get enough of him (and I can't get enough of them loving him).  I love hearing them call out "hi Fordy Ford!"  They talk so sweetly to him.  Today, Charlie told Ford, "Ford, you are the luckiest little baby in the whole world because so many people love you!"  Evie asks, every time she sees him, "can I hold baby Ford after he eats?"  We had a frightening incident the other day when I was getting the big kids ready for bed and Ford was lying on his play mat.  I looked down and saw Evie prying his eye open with her fingers.  I screamed, which frightened her quite a bit.  After assuring her that she hadn't hurt him yet, we had a long talk about not touching babies' (or anyone's) eyes, and how it could really hurt them.  Evie looked up at me with the most serious face and asked, "we only touch bad guys' eyes?"  I said yes and now that has become one of her big talking points.  She is very careful with Ford now and has not strayed from touching his feet and hair since.  Although I'm sure he cringes when he hears his wild brother and sister bounding over to him, Ford already seems to find them somewhat entertaining.  He has started smiling for them and definitely likes his play mat better when they are down there talking to him!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Evie and Charlie have been so funny lately.  I try to record some of their sayings from time to time so that I don't forget them.  I just love listening to them talk and getting a window into their world.  Their conversations are so earnest and sweet; I just love how they take each other so seriously (even if that does create problems at times--Charlie loves to tease Evie, who can't quite appreciate humor yet :).

Some of my favorites:

The other day, we were riding along in the car and Charlie started musing over his future career plans.  He informed us that he wanted to be a "Seattle Seahawk football player [he's still pumped up over their Superbowl win], an astronaut," and he will "drive a motorcycle, 18-wheeler, and a Ranger" (I have a picture of a very classy guy in my head right now).  I asked Evie what she was going to be when she grew up and after thinking about it for a minute, she decided she wanted to "eat pink cake and get dressed pink clothes."  I'm worried that I'm not setting a good example for her--time for this mommy to get back to work! :)

Evie is very aware of anything that might be "scawey" right now.  She sees potential dangers everywhere, and I'm often hearing "dat is too scawey for me."  It is always theoretical, though--she is surprisingly fearless and tough when presented with playground equipment, a scooter, big kids threatening her or Charlie's things, etc.  We were driving by Schlitterbahn the other day and Charlie was exclaiming over how he wanted to go there.  Evie took one look at the water slides and said, in her most panicked voice, "I not do dat!!"  We asked why and she said, "dat is too scawey!"

Papa loves to tease Evie and it is so easy to get her going (simply telling her that a horse you see belongs to someone other than her, telling her she can't have something pink, or pretending you are going to eat her food will send her over the edge).  She has decided she is 2 and a half, and when Papa tried to dispel her of that notion, telling her she is "2 and a third," she became quite angry, growling, "I'm gonna put you in a trash can."  (This reminds me of the day she told Ahh she was "wobber" and an "old man.")  We are beginning to think Evie was a mob boss in a prior life... [As evidence of that, after play dates, Charlie and I always talk about how fun it was, while Evie always proudly reports, "I pushed" (and, unfortunately, she usually did...).]  Evie's world is perfectly black and white: everyone is either "nice" or "bad," and anything bad that happens (or that we fear) can generally be blamed on "bad guys."

Today, I was interviewing a lady who might babysit for the kids every once in a while.  After hearing me ask a few questions, the kids decided to get in on the action.  I heard Charlie say, "What do you like to do for fun with your family?"  While she was trying to decide how to answer that, Evie popped out with, "what your daddy name?"  People better bring their A-game to our house!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baby Smiles

On March 9, two days before his 6-week birthday, sweet Ford smiled for the first time.  We were out at the House on the Hill and I had just finished feeding him and was talking to him when he burst into a big grin.  I don't have any photo evidence yet, but Audra did see it, so I'm not crazy. :)  It was so adorable that he decided to do it two more times that night--one more time for me, and then once for Papa.  I got another HUGE smile tonight, and I am just in love with his happy, gummy little grin.  Still no pictures of his happy face.  Ford's typical face is still very, very serious. :)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Visit From Aunt Sally

To help us out a bit, sweet Aunt Sally came to stay with us for a weekend.  It was unbelievably helpful having an experienced mother of three around.  She had so much good advice and so helpful and fun.  Sally always brings lots of treats and excitement with her, so the kids were in heaven.  We played, went to the park, watched a movie, and just had fun.  Clint was working most of the weekend, so it was great having company.  We just wish she lived closer so that we could do it more often!

Clint, Sally and the kids were super cool on their trip to the park.

Ford did what he does best...

There was some dress-up time...can you tell Evie loves pink?

Movie and pizza night!
Lots and lots of story time!
I had to get a picture of Sally holding Ford in these baseball PJs because I have a picture of her with Charlie wearing them at the same age.

Here is Sally and Ford:

And, for old time's sake, Sally and Charlie (and Will and Charlie):

We love you Aunt Sally!  (I am starting to think, based on my last few posts, that one of the best things about a new baby is all the fun company in town!  You guys have to keep visiting so that Clint and I don't need to have another one. :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ford: One Month Old

Quite a while ago now :), this chunky monkey turned one month old.  We cannot believe how much we love this little guy and his sweet snuggles.  Mr. Serious turned into Mr. Personality about a day or two after these photos were taken, and has not stopped smiling and cooing since.  He is the sweetest little guy--hasn't quite gotten his nights under control yet, but we love him anyway. :)

Big brother can't wait until Fordie is old enough to play soccer. :)

Ford had a great visit to the pediatrician this month, and was pronounced a "great big boy."  We agree wholeheartedly. :)  His 1-month stats were:

Weight: 9 lbs., 13 oz. (50%) (as the nurse commented, "can you believe 50% of babies are bigger than him?")
Length: 22 in. (70%)
Head: 15 in. (80%)

Other photos from Ford's very well-documented first month...

Charlie and I did a little photo shoot with him on his 4-week birthday:

Ford LOVES his play mat.  He gets so happy when he sees his little bug friends. :)
His other favorite things from his first month included his swaddle blanket...
...and, of course, his swing. :)
We love you sweet boy!