Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Heading Home

After three nights in the hospital, it was finally time to head home.  So on day 4, we were discharged and packed up our stuff and headed home.  We were excited and ready for a change of scenery, but also a little terrified about life with the 3 littles.

First, it was time for Ford to get dressed.  Sweet boy just wore his birthday suit and hospital blankets during his hospital stay, so he was a little skeptical about the whole clothes business.  But once he felt the chilly January air, he decided he liked clothes very much.  Here is Ford in his first outfit, which just happens to be the same outfit that big brother Charlie wore when he went home from the hospital (not sure who was more thrilled about or Charlie :).

 Loving his paci.

After getting dressed and finishing our packing, we waited (and waited and waited) for transport to take us out.
And, we're off!
 After a short drive, we arrived home to a busy and happy house.  Ford looked around briefly, decided it all looked fine, and promptly fell back asleep.  Thanks for the stamp of approval, buddy!
 Ford just loves reading the Wall Street Journal with Papa.  He was so glad to get home in time for the Weekend Journal!
 Evie was so excited to have a real life doll Ford at her house to hold, fiddle, and take care of.

 One of his brief glances around his new digs.

 Cuddling with Ahh felt nice and familiar after his hospital stay. :)
Once home, we had to take Ford to check out his nursery.  He is sharing with our guests, so it's a tad bit cramped, but Ford doesn't seem to mind too much. 

Ford's room is decorated with baby animal photos (see above).  I first ordered the giraffe, the monkey, the white tiger, and the elephant, just because I thought they were cute.  Charlie, however, has always said that he thinks Ford will be a little lion cub (Charlie was a bear cub/monkey, Evie is a mouse (again /monkey :), and he decided that Ford needed to be an animal as well).  When Charlie saw that there was no lion cub print, he burst into tears and was furious with me.  So, I did what any rational person would do: ordered the lion cub! Ford, you better like this guy. :)
Ford's mobile:
 Apparently, touring a nursery is exhausting business.

 Ford is a lucky little guy.  Charlie and Evie were so sweet and went through their books and toys and came up with a bunch that they thought Ford would like.  So he arrived home to lots of books and toys waiting for him.  I was so proud of them!
 Welcome home, little Ford!  Our home feels so much more complete with you in it!

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