Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charlie's First Flight--and a Weekend in NC

Charlie had his first flight last weekend and the little guy loved it! Clint had a residency interview at UNC (in Chapel Hill, North Carolina), so Charlie and I tagged along for the weekend. We were a little nervous about flying with him, but he really did great--he slept for the first part of both flights, and then played happily on our laps. I think he loved the undivided attention he got while the three of us were confined to the plane. :) And he really was a great sport on the trip. The only things that make traveling with Charlie difficult are: (1) he's a light sleeper, so unless we get a suite, Clint and I have to call it a night shortly after Charlie does; and (2) he HATES canned baby food--I have never seen anyone so happy to get back to his homemade food--he's practically been inhaling it since our trip! But those are small prices to pay for the fun of showing him around new places. UNC has a wonderful residency program (per Clint), and Chapel Hill was such a fun place to visit--we got to see some good friends, try some wonderful restaurants, and take some beautiful walks. Although Clint told us at the beginning of the weekend that we were making a pretty convincing case for staying home during his next trip (see laundromat photo, below), everything got a lot easier after our first few little bumps. :) All in all, I'm a bit surprised by how easy it was!
We strolled around the campus of UNC when we arrived...
Charlie loved being the only baby on campus--he got LOTS of attention!
Pretending to be a freshman...
I made the big mistake of packing the baby food in my checked bag and ended up with broken glass and peas all over my clothes. So our first stop in Chapel Hill was the laundromat! :)
Charlie and I got to entertain ourselves while Clint interviewed. Here is our self-portrait.
The leaves were gorgeous--even Charlie was impressed!
We stopped at a playground and tried out the swings and the slide. Charlie loved both of them--he was all smiles the whole time we were there. Poor thing screamed when we put him back in the car afterwards--I felt so bad for taking him away. We will definitely have to visit some more playgrounds back in Dallas!

He even enjoyed just hanging there. :)
The slide was a big hit...

And here we are back at the hotel. Little Prince Charles is relaxing and waiting for his room service. :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend in Seguin & La Vernia

Last weekend, Clint had two residency interviews in the Central Texas area, so Charlie and I headed down that way with him and spent the weekend in Seguin with my family. On Saturday, a big group of us hung out at our ranch in La Vernia. It was beautiful weather and just a perfect day. Charlie loved getting to hang out at the ranch and I enjoyed getting to spend a lovely fall day there. And SO good to see all the fam!

Here is the log cabin that my grandfather and great-grandfather built...
And the tank next to the cabin.
Mom made Clint and I pose for a family photo. Charlie--who was sleeping in the car--is noticeably absent...
The newly engaged couple came out to enjoy the fun...
And Clint and Jackson chased me with deer guts (don't ask).
A Julia sandwich (and Julia got her cast off--yay!).
Charlie LOVED swinging on the porch at the House on the Hill. I love seeing Charlie enjoy this porch--my grandparents lived in the House on the Hill while I was growing up and I have such wonderful memories of sitting outside with them on the porch swing. I hope he grows to appreciate this porch as much as I do--luckily, we have a good start! :)

Baby Katie also got some swinging in...
While the boys played in the grass.
Important matters were discussed...
And then the tormenting began... :)

We also made a trek to the treehouse that my Uncle Robie and Aunt Dede are building. It is AWESOME--we cannot wait for our first camping trip up there!!!

Can't wait to come back!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

6 Months Old!

It is hard to believe that we are half-way to Charlie's first birthday--but at the same time, Clint and I can hardly remember what life was like before Charlie came onto the scene. Like months 1-5, Charlie's 6th month did not disappoint. I retired from work and Charlie dropped out of day care, so both of us have had some adjustments, but they have been wonderful ones. Charlie and I have had the best time running around together and getting involved in various activities. We've joined some playgroups, started Little Gym, gotten together with friends, gone to the park, traveled a bit, and spent lots and lots of time outside (our favorite activity). And since I've been home, I have had so much fun watching all of Charlie's changes and developments--it is crazy how fast he is growing and changing right now! Clint came home yesterday after being away for 2 nights and was convinced that Charlie had grown considerably in that short amount of time!

At 6 months, Charlie is sitting very well (although sometimes I mistakenly convince myself that he doesn't need supervision anymore and turn around just as he's tumbling to the ground :), and using his hands much more deliberately (and effectively). He is scooting (or "army crawling") all over the place. He just took off this week and is loving his newfound mobility. I ran upstairs the other day to move some clothes into the dryer and when I came down, Charlie had made his way half-way across our living room! It is definitely time to child-proof the house! And although Charlie is sitting and scooting, he has somehow forgotten how to roll over (or doesn't want to anymore). Although he rolls occasionally, he much prefers it if I will do it for him. :)

Charlie likes to jump in his jumper and play in his exersaucer, but only briefly--he would much rather be playing with his toys on the floor where he can move around as much as he wants. His favorite toy at the moment is a little plastic car that moves when you push it. It has been great at encouraging him to crawl--Charlie has been following that car all over the house. :) He is still an incredibly social baby and loves to get out and see people. He smiles and laughs all the time, making our lives so much fun. And although Charlie loves all music, his favorite is still Wheels on the Bus. I try not to overuse it, as it's so handy to have as a "special treat" when Charlie is getting fussy. I am always amazed at how a rousing round of "Wheels" can turn a bad mood around. :)

Charlie is a great sleeper now, and is taking 2 good naps each day and sleeping 11-12 hours at night. It is so nice for all of us to be getting so much sleep! And even when he's not sleeping, Charlie enjoys playing in his crib--especially if I let him sit up in there...

The mobile--in his crib and on his swing--is always very enticing to those chubby little hands...

I took this picture the other day when Charlie was sick. He was trying to play with his toys, but he was feeling terribly and his little heart just wasn't in it. He was so good while he was sick, but I am LOVING having him well again. Charlie was sick on and off the entire time he was in day care, and I had forgotten how easy and fun he is when he's totally well!

As my "quitting" work (and being forced to give back my Blackberry) present, I got an iPhone. I can't believe I've lasted this long without one--it is awesome! I have enjoyed getting some goofy pics of Charlie on my phone (see below :).

During Charlie's 6th month, we have been experimenting with solid foods. He loves his extra meals and I have been having fun with them as well. Charlie has now tried rice cereal, oatmeal, peas, and carrots, and we're getting ready to start introducing even more foods. So far, the rice cereal and peas are the favorites (despite a very big shudder at his first bite of peas). And even though he's been eating solids for a few weeks now, he still "attacks" the spoon when I feed him. He doesn't just open his mouth and let the food go in--he lunges as far as he can toward the spoon. I am just trying to keep from jamming the spoon down his throat! Here's the hungry little guy with his favorite peas...

What a wonderful 6 months! (And I know I've been bad about blogging regularly--I have some catching up to do, but hopefully I'll be better about now that I'm home!).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A New Chapter

After 6 weeks of work and months of anxiety and worry about what is the "best" decision for our family, I have decided to quit my job and stay home with Charlie for a while. I am really, really excited about this new chapter of my life, but a little nervous (and a little nostalgic for the old life :) as well. I loved, loved, loved my 4 months at home with Charlie and am so happy that I am going to spend more time with him. After putting many years of work into my career, however, it feels very strange to let go of it. I really like being a lawyer and feel a little like I am losing a part of myself--but I am determined to keep that part active and engaged. I think what ultimately made the decision for me is the fact that Charlie's young days seem to be passing so fast. I realized that I can always return to the law, but Charlie will only be an infant once and I think I will always be grateful that I spent this time with him.

Today was my first day at home and it did not disappoint. Poor little Charlie was sick--he actually got sent home early from day care yesterday, on his last day there. :( He ran a fever all day today and clearly did not feel well. Although our big plans (Kindermusik at the Arboretum!) fell by the wayside, it was really nice to be able to relax and cuddle Charlie without worrying about what I was supposed to be doing at work or the number of hours I needed to bill for the week. I'm sure stay-at-home mommy-hood will have its ups and downs over the next few months, but it feels really good right now!

Here's the sweet, sick little boy. I put a cool washcloth on his head to get his fever down and he loved it. How could I not like staying home with this sweet little face? :)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Crisp Fall Mornings

There is nothing I love more than crisp, cool fall mornings, and Charlie and I have loved getting out and enjoying them. I know the little guy must get cold when I drag him out for early morning runs, but he's such a good sport and never protests at all. He seems to really love getting bundled up, snuggling in some blankets, and heading out to face the weather. I am so lucky to have such a hardy little man!

He looks a bit mad here, but we were having fun. I promise. Mr. Shifty Eyes.

All this running is exhausting!

Charlie's First Halloween

Despite not feeling well all weekend, Charlie seemed to thoroughly enjoy his first Halloween. After we ditched the lion costume, Charlie inherited a pumpkin costume from Jack and Julia. Like all our Reed hand-me-downs, the pumpkin was perfect--soft, comfy, easy to move and sit in, and Charlie LOVED being in it (I think he realized that he got even more attention when costumed). He even liked the little hat that came with it. We didn't get to go trick-or-treating this year because our little pumpkin was tuckered out by the time Sunday night rolled around, but we had a fun-filled, wonderful weekend with him!
Here's Charlie enjoying the extra attention...
Proudly displaying the new tooth... Thrilled with himself. I'm pretty cute, huh?
The pumpkin takes a breather...
Then onto some hugs from Daddy... ...and laughs with Mommy. :)
Abbey and George took us to a Halloween party with them. Charlie and Penny made a cute little pumpkin patch.
But George's costume was the best. I don't think I've ever seen a cuter chicken.
The boys, as usual, were hilarious together. Charlie's playing coy here, but he really loves holding hands with George. :)
George's tail feathers were my favorite...
Charlie and I also did some trick-or-treating at my office Halloween party...
Charlie bonded with Susan, my secretary. :)Happy Halloween everyone!