Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, February 28, 2010

How (Not) To Name a Fetus

Just this once, I'm allowing Clint in as a guest blogger to explain how our baby (really, our fetus, since this name is NOT going to continue past birth) got his nickname:

"Something that caught me unaware when friends and family started having kids was the tendency that soon-to-be parents have to name their fetuses. I did not really understand this phenomena until we found ourselves in the same predicament. You start feeling strange calling your unborn human "it;" I mean people don't even refer to their pets as "it." Unaware of the sex of the baby, you feel strange referring to it as "he," "she," or calling it one of the names you are considering. Katie and I were faced, in naming our fetus, with the first of many decisions to make during this pregnancy. As you know, the King of Pop died on June 25th. When we found out we were pregnant in September, the tabloids and newspapers were still filled with speculation about the cause of death. Katie and I had watched the bizarre documentary, "Living with Michael Jackson," by Martin Basheer, and I was reminded of "Blanket," the nickname of MJ's youngest testube experiment. In the show, MJ states that he calls the poor kid Blanket, because he "blankets me with his love," which I thought was really funny/creepy. Out of respect for the King of Pop, I was convinced we should call our little guy "Blanket." Katie, who has a very low creepy tolerance, felt that this name was inappropriate. Soon after this conversation, a commercial for "Snuggie," the blanket with the arms, came on, and I knew we had found our name (still "Blanket," but updated for 2010). He has all the warmth and coziness of a blanket, but with all the functionality of a shirt. Any derivation of Snuggie is acceptable--Snugs, Snuggers, Nuggie, Nug, Snuggaloo, Snuggles, etc. "

And although these photos are old (they are from his 18-week sonogram), I had to include them.
Little Snuggie's feet:

Little Snuggie's face:

Our First Hospital Visit

This past Thursday was an exciting morning for us. Without going into too many of the gory details, I woke up with a terrible nosebleed that resulted in me coughing up a lot of blood. It was enough to scare Clint into action and we headed to the hospital around 6:00 a.m. They did some bloodwork and monitored the baby, who spent most of his morning attacking the holter monitor that was attached to me. Four hours later we were pronounced fine and sent home. Once our initial worries were assuaged, the hospital visit wasn't bad at all. We got to relax and watch in the Olympics in a very comfortable labor & delivery room. We were able to see where to go and what to do when we actually delivered and it seems like it will be a very comfortable, happy place. And the best part was that they did a sonogram and let us peek at our little boy. Doesn't he have the cutest profile?? :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

26 Weeks, 5 Days

I had my regular OB appointment today and everything looked great! The baby's heartbeat was perfect (140), he was measuring right on track, and my blood pressure and weight gain were good. I definitely have less anxiety about the baby now that I can feel him kicking all the time, but it's always nice to get a good report from the doctor. Up until now, I have been going to the doctor once a month, but we are now moving to a once-every-two-weeks schedule since we're in the third trimester. I can't believe how fast everything is flying by! I need to remember to savor my last 3 months of pregnancy (and sleep). :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

We got over a FOOT of snow in Dallas yesterday and last night. Our house is covered in snow and one of our trees even fell over! Dallas looks beautiful, but I really felt like I was back in Boston when I woke up this morning. And as much as I love the snow, our big snowfall reminded me how much I do not miss the slush! Our baby definitely got his fair share of cold weather and snow this week: he traveled to Colorado Springs with me for work on Tuesday and Wednesday (he reports that he likes flying first class but finds accounting fraud investigations a bit tedious) and then returned to our big snowstorm in Dallas. Hopefully we will get another snowfall next winter when he can really enjoy it! Pictures of our house in the snow are below:

Our winter wonderland

Not ideal for shooting baskets...

My sweet husband shoveled the walkway for me before work. :)

These look kind of cozy, no?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

25 Weeks

I really cannot believe we are already 25 weeks along. We've been bad about taking belly photos so far, but I've been wanting to get better so that we can really remember this pregnancy. Here I am at 25 weeks, 1 day:

So far, I am amazed (and grateful) at how smoothly this pregnancy has gone. Aside from a couple months of nausea in the first trimester, I have really felt great. And I am really loving it now that my belly is popping out. :) But my favorite thing so far has got to be the baby's constant little kicks--they are such fun reminders of him during the day. His kicks are getting stronger and stronger (especially if I eat anything with sugar!), and Clint has even been able to feel him moving. We are so excited to meet this very active little guy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

First Comes Love...

Then comes marriage...

And finally...

We are so excited to introduce the newest member
of the Burrus family. Clint and I are expecting a little boy on
May 19, 2010 and could not be more thrilled about it.
Tune in here for updates about the third
trimester and the life and adventures of
our little guy.