Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, February 3, 2014

Our First Weekend Home

Our first weekend home, aside from being a little exhausting and a bit overwhelming (can I really handle these 3 crazies when all the help leaves?  stay tuned :), was fun, sweet, and full of fun memories.  Ford has just been so sweet and the "big" kids have been loving having him around.  There has been lots and lots of holding--every time Evie sees me with him, she immediately asks, "can I hold baby?"  The response, most of the time, is, "sure, but after he eats" (he is ALWAYS eating).  So now, she always asks, "can I hold baby afta he eats?" and then demands her pillow (the Boppy).  Ford loves being held, so he is just fine with all the long as it doesn't interfere with his very frequent mealtimes!

Here are Evie and Charlie with their new baby brother.  Papa showed them that they can put their finger inside his paci and they were thrilled by this.  Every time his little mouth sucked on their finger, they died laughing.  It was so funny to see them so tickled. :)

 Charlie is SO careful with Ford.  Every time he holds him, he tells him, "baby Ford, I just love you SO much!" or "baby Ford, you are my BEST friend."  Fordy is a very loved little guy!
 Evie, patiently waiting her turn to hold...

 Finally, Evie gets her hands on him (literally).

 Evie has endless patience for holding.  She can sit there with him forever, and hates for me to take him away.  She loves her brother, but asked me recently if I had a "sister" in my tummy now...poor Eves!
 On his first weekend, Ford did a little looking...
 ...and a LOT of sleeping.  Charlie is convinced that he is nocturnal. :)
Ford loves to cuddle with anyone and everyone that will oblige him, so he's gotten in lots of cuddle time with Papa...
 ...and Ahh (who was insisting that I not take her picture here!).
 We gave Ford his first sponge bath at home and he was not thrilled with it.  I think he will like the experience more when he gets a "real" bath.  I thought Charlie and Evie would enjoy watching him get bathed, but they were so horrified by his umbilical cord stump that they ran away screaming.  Somehow, they decided that it is his "penis", and cannot be convinced otherwise.  As they ran away from the bath, I heard Charlie saying, "run, Evie!  Let's hide from Ford's yucky penis!"  Evie now asks about it every day, saying, "I no see Ford's penis!" and "God take his penis off?"  Poor Ford!  For the record, that is NOT his penis. :)

 Ford's first weeks home have been filled with sporting events.  From the Winter Olympics to the Super Bowl on his first Sunday at home, Ford has gotten lots of sporty TV time.  For Ford's first Super Bowl, he dressed up in his football best (ok, just football-themed socks, but give him a break, he's only a few days old) and cuddled up with his sister to watch the game.

 Someone is VERY proud of the Big Sister bracelet Daddy found for her at the Baylor gift shop. :)
Clint and I were trying to cheer for the Broncos, but it just about drove Charlie crazy.  He quickly saw that the Seahawks were running away with the game and as he loves a winner, he couldn't handle the fact that we were cheering for an obvious loser.  Every time the Seahawks scored, he cheered wildly and told us, "I just love those Seahawks!"  He finally convinced us to cheer for the Seahawks, mostly because it was too upsetting to him to see us cheering for a losing team. :)
 Aside from all that fun, there was more sleeping...

Exciting weekend, huh?  We are loving our lazy days with Ford!

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  1. What a great big brother and sister!! Those photos of them with their fingers in the paci are just classics.