Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prayers Needed

Please pray for sweet James. This little guy and his parents have been through a lot over the past week, and just received some very bad news yesterday. We are thinking positive thoughts and saying lots of prayers for him, his family, and a successful recovery!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Moving On Out...

I know I have been a terrible blogger lately, but we have been busy, busy, busy. Because Charlie wanted a yard, Baby Girl wanted a room of her own, and Dada wanted to keep his home office, we decided a move was in order. We were lucky enough to sell our house, but the buyers needed to get in quickly, things moved faster than we expected, and since we haven't found a new house yet, we found ourselves in a bit of a bind. Thanks to lots and lots of help (many thanks to Ali, Sam, Audra, and Mimi!), we moved half of our worldly belongings into a great little apartment, and sent the other half off the storage. Although we were glad to sell our house, the move was bittersweet. We LOVED our house, and it had developed a special place in our hearts since it was our first home (purchase) and Charlie's first home. Leaving his room behind was really hard for me--I loved that little nursery! Luckily, Charlie is very adaptable and loves the new apartment. He has stayed extremely busy exploring his new digs--the cabinets don't have locks yet, so those are a source of great excitement, the printer is sitting on the floor rather that its usual stand, so he's learned to make copies, and there is a pool very close to our unit, so we have already spent many fun hours in there. Thanks to my mom working all hours of the night, we got moved into the apartment and organized in record time, so Clint has managed to start residency with relatively little disorganization at home. The apartment has been wonderful, but I am hoping we find a permanent home soon!

Here's Charlie "helping" the movers on moving day. He loved the boxes and the ungated stairs!

Charlie's other favorite thing about moving is the truck that comes with it. The truck that came was HUGE and very exciting. Charlie said "vroom vroom" every time he saw it. (This truck makes it look like we have enough furniture to fill a castle, but sadly, that is not the case. Our stuff filled about the front 1/4 of it. :)
Charlie wouldn't look away from the movers long enough to look at me for a photo...
My mom and I had to get creative in order to entertain Charlie while packing. What is better than an old-fashioned nekkid swim in a wading pool???

I see this imperious look/reach FAR too often... :)
I love this wrinkly little bottom. :)
In the midst of closing and moving, we took a few days off to travel to Ruidoso, NM with my family to celebrate the end of Clint's "summer" and graduation. We had a wonderful time, and I'll be posting pictures of that little get-away, as well as pics of us in our new digs, very soon!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Playdate with Cooper & Elliott

My good friend Kelly was visiting Dallas this week from Los Angeles, and Charlie and I got to spend some time with her and her sweet kids. I was excited to catch up with Cooper and see how much he had grown, and I loved getting to meet precious little Elliott. Charlie and Cooper played together so well--we had a very fun morning!

Trying to pose these 2 was no easy task...
Staring lovingly into each others' eyes... :)
Little Elliott was so good! She is adorable.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Congratulations Dr. Daddy!

Clint graduated from UT Southwestern Medical Center on Monday night and it was such a special night. Charlie and I are SO proud of him. He worked really hard these past four years and has such an incredible future ahead of him as a result. I can't believe Clint is a doctor--seems pretty crazy! I almost had him call in a prescription for me today, but figured I'd give him a bit more time before I put his license in jeopardy. :)

The ceremony started at 7:30, so Mr. Early Bedtime stayed behind, but he was so proud of his daddy when we left. He looks quite impressed here, don't you think?
2 proud little men. :)
The graduation ceremony was held at the Meyerson Symphony Hall in Dallas, and it was pretty spectacular. There was a great dinner beforehand, followed by a really elegant ceremony, and capped off with an elaborate dessert buffet (can you guess my favorite part? :). It was a very special evening!
Posing with Clint post-ceremony...
Tried to get a photo of Clint walking the stage, but I was too slow...
My whole family came in town for a celebratory weekend, but those that are employed had to head back to work on Sunday. My mom stayed to attend the ceremony and we were so glad to have her!
Clint and his proud parents.
Clint with our new Dallas neighbors, Sam and Audra. We love our 3 health professionals! :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's a...


We are so excited to welcome a little girl into our family. I am still finding it hard to believe that Charlie is going to have a sister and we are going to have a daughter in just a few short months, but I could not be happier about it. The sonogram yesterday went great--she is healthy and precious. Although she was incredibly active at my 12-week sonogram, she appeared sweet and calm this time, so I am hopeful that she might be my calm and cuddly one. :) She is very modest--we were afraid we weren't going to be able to tell the gender this time because she would not cooperate at all. Clint was thrilled that she appeared to be such a "good girl." And our due date was moved up just one day to November 6, so she is measuring right on target!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where there's heat, there's water (hopefully).

It is starting to feel like summer here in Dallas. The park has been pretty hot--poor Charlie does not like the toasty slides--so we've been satisfying our outdoor craving with swimming. We set up Charlie's new wading pool on Tuesday and had some of his friends over for a little swim date. The pool was pretty great--not a bad way to cool off!

Charlie and George thought the pool was much more fun when it was filled with trucks.
Charlie was so happy to find a cool slide...
George really enjoyed getting in and out of the pool (over and over :).
Isabella joined the boys in the water. Luckily, she can hold her own with these two!
On Wednesday, Charlie and I joined Bethany, Palmer, and Ann at the Dallas Athletic Club. Charlie loved their baby pool. He spent the whole time walking around it and holding onto a little paddle board (I think he thought he was surfing :). We swam for over an hour and he loved every minute of it!
Taking a short break to relax in Palmer's float. :)
I'm guessing we will spend lots of time in the water during this hot Dallas summer!