Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Friday, February 28, 2014

The Best Big Sister

During spring break (when you have a 3.5-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a newborn, it really should be called spring work-harder-than-normal), we decided to let Charlie have some fun at swim camp one day and Evie stayed home to "help" me take Ford to the doctor (I have never seen anyone so thrilled not to be the patient :).  It was so cute to see her step up into the big kid role.  She was Miss Talkative (I think she told the doctor "poo poo" about 20 times; I am sure he thought she was terribly clever) and so sweet and helpful.  I loved getting to see how much more grown up she seemed!

Here she is checking out the fish (and saying "cheeeeeeese").
Evie got to do all the stroller pushing and elevator button pushing this time, tasks that are usually reserved strictly for Charlie.
Even big helpers need some play time...

After the doctor, we decided to do one of Evie's favorite activities: a picnic!

Ford was a good little picnic buddy (not terribly chatty, but very sweet :).

I am so, so proud of this sweet, loving, wonderful big sister!

Fun with Papa and Ah and Special Time with Ford

After having some very special time with Ah in Dallas (seriously, I do not know what I would do without my mom!!), she took Charlie and Evie back to Seguin for a few days so that they could have some fun at the ranch and Ford and I could relax a bit in Dallas.  We missed them terribly, but it was nice catching up on sleep and getting some extra snuggles in.  And, as always, they had a blast in La Vernia.  There was lots of truck/Ranger driving (Evie now seems to love this as much as Charlie), fishing, tire changing, and other important business. They came back happy and tired.  I feel so lucky that they have grandparents who will spend this kind of quality time with them!

Meanwhile, back in Dallas, Clint and I soaked up our time with Ford.  He is the cuddliest little baby ever, so we all loved the extra time to snuggle!

After the kids got back, I felt rested and ready to start venturing out on my own.  So we tackled our first playgroup as a family of 3 and it actually went well.  I had to get a picture of Ford before we left, because he wore real clothes (as opposed to footed sleepers) for the first time.  It's the small things. :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Breakfast in Bed

The kids proudly brought me breakfast in bed the other day, and then proceeded to join me and Ford in bed (not at all wild!) and photograph the whole event.  Their selfies, and photographs of each other, are below.  The newborn phase is exhausting, but I just love the sweet, cuddling, snuggling, bonding time that it brings with it.  Perfect for this chilly February weather!

 Evie's selfies always crack me up.  I love finding these on my camera roll. :)

I have the best little helpers!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mommy's Photo Shoot

Megan made taking photos of our family look so easy, so I decided to do some on my own.  Umm, not easy.  These three crazies kept me hopping, and by the end of this little photo shoot (which lasted all of 5 minutes, thanks to a spastic 3.5-year-old, a suspicious 2-year-old, and a not-so-happy newborn), I was sweated down and ready to call it off.  But I did get one photo I loved, even if Miss E isn't so happy about it. :)
The rest?  Not my best. :)


Friday, February 14, 2014

Ford: 2 Weeks Old

Still trying to catch up on the blog (and everything else, it seems...I am not sure how I will ever get anything accomplished again), so this post will be short on words, but long on pictures. :)  Here is sweet Ford at 2 weeks old.  His 3rd week was so special.  My mom came to stay and help out and we had so much fun with the big kids and with Ford.  Parenting is so much more fun with good company! :)

Here is sweet Ford at 2 weeks.

I love baby toes. :)

Ford always subtly lets me know when he would like a photo shoot to end...
Ford really got into his play mat this week...and his love of it has continued.  He loves to look at his silly bugs and wave his arms and legs wildly.  Watching his manic movements on his play mat makes me realize why I felt so much movement during pregnancy--this is a busy little guy!  He is especially funny on his tummy.  He scoots around so much that I typically find him off his mat, several feet from where I left him.  Charlie and Evie love to see him "crawling."

Ford did great at his 2-week appointment and weighed in at 8 lbs., 2 oz., well above his birth weight.  
His other stats:

Weight: 8 lbs., 2 oz. (50%)
Length: 21" (70%)
Head: 14.5" (50%)

Right at 2 weeks, Ford lost his circumcision ring (TMI, right???) and his umbilical cord (or, as Evie calls it, "Ford's yucky penis").  We celebrated by giving Ford his first bath and he loved it.  MUCH better than sponge bath.  It has become one of our favorite activities to do together--I've been bathing him even when he doesn't really need it (but Mr. Spit Up usually really needs it :).

Post-bath cuddles are pretty awesome.
Ah is going to hate me for taking a picture of her in her robe, but I had to document that she was here!!  We love you, Ah. :)
Speaking of robes, Charlie and Evie told me that they thought Ah needed a new robe for her birthday.  I don't know why they would think that!! ;)
Happy 2 weeks, Mr. Ford!