Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

We had a busy, wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We were in Houston on Friday for Uncle Sam's graduation (see below), and we headed home on Saturday to finalize a contract on our house (yay!) and start looking at new homes in earnest. Clint helped Sam and Audra move their furniture into their new house on Saturday night, and then Sunday, we treated ourselves to a day of fun.

Charlie looked pretty cute in his Memorial Day (/4th of July--if it still fits :) outfit.

I love those chubby little legs. :)

First, we went to a lunchtime BBQ/swim party. Clint ate his first sausage wrap and first hot dog of the day, and Charlie took a nice swim. Charlie LOVED the water this time--he splashed and shrieked the entire time he was in the pool. :)

Next, we hit up at afternoon BBQ hosted by a couple in our Sunday School class. Charlie loved playing with all of his church friends and Clint tackled his third and fourth hot dogs of the day. Charlie was a little obsessed with this basketball--he guarded it protectively the entire time we were at the party, and was quite upset when we had to leave it.
After we took Charlie home for dinner and a bath, we left him (still a bit red-faced and exhausted) with a baby sitter and headed over to the Stevens' for a bittersweet farewell party for the Marrses, who are moving to Houston in a few weeks. We hate to see John and Caroline go--I am already looking forward to the time when they will back in Dallas again! :)
We had a wonderful dinner al fresco, thanks to Matt's trusty smoker. Luckily, no more hot dogs for Clint--he moved on to brisket and ribs. :)

The Carter girls with the "blastoff to Houston" pinata.
We were tired by the end of the day Sunday, but loved our fun-filled weekend!

DOCTOR Uncle Sam

Congratulations to Uncle Sam! My brother graduated from medical school this past weekend and the 3 of us headed to Houston to join in the festivities (and, let's be honest, to take advantage of a free dinner on my dad's tab :). We had a great time at graduation and so enjoyed getting to celebrate this momentous occasion. Charlie, surprisingly, loved the ceremony. He clapped, cheered, read books, ate his dinner, and then spent the rest of the time climbing stairs and running around the auditorium. I think he thought he was in a giant stair amusement park, which was just perfect for him. We are so proud of Sam, and I am still finding it hard to believe that my baby brother is now a real doctor!

The newlyweds, fresh from Costa Rica, along with the proud parents.
Charlie was so proud of his Uncle Sam. He cheered very loudly when Sam walked the stage.
Please don't comment on my double chin. :)
Sam and Audra headed to Dallas the day after the ceremony to move into their new house. We could not be more excited to have them here. We (mostly Clint) helped them move in over the weekend and they have already had us over to BBQ. I think Charlie might be the happiest of us all--he has already bonded with the 2 of them and demanded that Sam hold him the entire time we were at their place last night. Oh, the joys of being the favorite... :)

Blythe's Second Birthday

The first birthday party Charlie attended was Blythe's first birthday party, when he was less than 2 weeks old. He enjoyed his first foray into the Dallas social scene, but seemed to enjoy himself even more at her second birthday party this year, when he could tussle with the big kids over toys. He particularly liked visiting the dogs outside, swinging in the hammock, and eating chips for the first time. I particularly enjoyed catching up with some of the old SU crew and their adorable little ones. We need birthday reunions more often!

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Shower for Baby Stoltz

Ann, one of my best friends from college, is expecting her first baby (a boy!) in July, and we celebrated with a shower at my house on Sunday. It was such a fun weekend and shower and I so enjoyed getting to spend extra time with college friends, Dallas friends, and Ann's family. Charlie and I can hardly wait for Baby S to get here--he is one eagerly anticipated little man! :)

The decorated mantle...
...and the food table, ready for our guests.

My littlest "helper." Luckily, the little helper disappeared for the shower itself, thanks to Daddy!
The hostesses (minus Kelly, who was home in LA with new baby Elliott) and Ann.
The hostesses (minus Kelly) during our set-up time. We have gotten our showers down to a science--it was all so easy this time!
The Varners, with almost-3-week-old Ava Grace, traveled from Houston for the shower. I was so impressed with how easy they make parenting look. Ava Grace is an adorable, very good little baby, and we had so much fun getting to have them for the weekend!
Sweet little Ava Grace (our youngest guest).
Ann, opening gifts.
Blythe was an adorable, sweet little guest.
Ann's nephew, Lucas, also attended and was SO well behaved. He sweetly helped Ann open presents. :)
Congrats to the Stoltz family. We can't wait to meet Baby S!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Charlie's First Year: In Review

I feel like the end of Charlie's first year is a good time to reflect on how much he has grown and changed over the past year. He is an amazing little guy and we just cannot believe how much he has changed our lives. Charlie has such a fun-loving, quirky, hilarious little personality, and I've loved watching it develop. I really did not know I could love a 21-pound munchkin this much!

Charlie's first photo. Welcome to the world little man!
Our first family photo.
The little man on his first night in the world. We were already smitten. :)
Here's Charlie on his due date, 8 days after he was born.
1 month old.
2 months old.
3 months old.
4 months old.
5 months old.
6 months old.
7 months old.
8 months old.
9 months old.
10 months old.
11 months old.
And finally...our 1-year-old!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Charlie's First Haircut

Charlie received a much-needed haircut right after Clint and I returned from France. His hair has been getting pretty long for a while, but I just hated the idea of cutting it. Charlie has pretty stick-straight hair, however, so it didn't really develop into angelic little curls or anything like that. So, in the end, I agreed that it was probably time for a trim. The big event took place at Pro Cuts in Seguin. For $9.99, we received a very nice haircut, a lock of sweet strawberry blonde hair, and a lovely certificate (certifying that Charlie "bravely" endured his first haircut :). What a deal!

Here's the shaggy little guy right before the big cut.
Here I am explaining Charlie's hair (straight-as-a-board) and style (stylish, yet understated).
And the cutting begins! The paci had to make an appearance, as someone was a bit nervous about all the fuss around him. I could not get over how big and adorable he looked in the cape. :)

It was difficult to cut the back of Charlie's hair, as he kept swiveling his head around to see what was going on behind him. I have no idea how she got it so straight!
Checking out his new look in the mirror...
...and he loves it! He decided to give his handsome new self a kiss. :)
Doesn't he look OLD?? Still cannot believe this guy is 1...