Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Campaigning for Papa

In their down time, Charlie and Evie have been spending lots of time campaigning for their favorite judicial candidate, Papa.  Here they are posing with his sign--they are so proud!
A few days after Ford was born, Clint took them to Fort Worth for a straw poll event.  They got to hang out, talk to lots of potential voters and various Republican party candidates, and, best of all, chow down on one candidate's huge "Grand Old Flag" cookies (I think he got Charlie and Evie's votes).  When they got home, they ran back to my room with Charlie yelling, "Mom, if you see crumbs on my shirt, it's just because I've been eating a Grand Old Flag cookie!!"  I was so glad to have that clarified. :)

The straw poll event was a funny reflection of their personalities.  Charlie kept wanting to go out and find and talk to "more voters," whereas Evie was a bit more stand-offish.  If she didn't like a particular candidate, she wasn't too careful about concealing the extremely disgusted look on her face.

They picked their own outfits.  Fabulous, right? 

The kids also accompanied my parents to a candidate forum at a country club in "Curious Georgetown."  They used their very best club manners, and Evie was a little more friendly this time around.  Charlie proudly reported to me when they got home, "Evie had very good manners!"  Evie was listening carefully and happily agreed.

Although Ford and I haven't been quite as visible on the campaign trail, we haven't been total slouches.  Here we are doing our part and voting for Papa!
Win or lose, Papa is the very best candidate in our book!

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