Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Perfect 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Charlie's second birthday with a big, rollicking, wonderful birthday party last Saturday.  I worried that the crowd and excitement would be overwhelming for him, but I forgot who I was dealing with.  My party animal LOVED every minute of his party.  He really did not want the fun to end...and who could blame him? :)  This guy is so much fun to throw a party for!

We were blessed to have lots of family in town to help us celebrate Charlie's big day.  Here are my mom and Charlie getting things ready.
Checking out the table...
Charlie was itching to get into this cake. :)
The favors were matchbox cars and play-doh.  Charlie discovered the extra favors after the party.  He didn't care so much about the play-doh, but could not believe finding all those matchbox cars.  I think this infusion of matchbox cars was his best present!

I wish I had videotaped Charlie's reaction when he got up from his nap and first saw his jumping castle.  He was soooo excited.  I tried to get him to sit down and eat a snack before his party, but he insisted on getting outside to his "burfday pahty!"

We got our money's worth--this guy jumped all day!

My [pregnant--yipeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! :)] sister was such a good sport and jumped with Charlie (until my very nervous mom came and made her get out :).  Clint, Sam, Audra, Graeme, and I also jumped with him at various times during the day, which just thrilled him.  When I put him down to bed that night, we were chatting about his party, and he looked up at me, smiled the biggest smile, and said "everybody jumped...Mommy jumped, Daddy jumped, Meggie jumped, Foggy [Graeme] jumped, Sam jumped, Auga jumped....soooo fun."  He was so happy. :)

Charlie was happier than he looks here...he just really didn't want to stop to pose for a photo...
Can you tell who loves the spotlight?  Miss E is always ready with a smile. :)

Charlie loved his hard hat party hats.
Busy boy.

Charlie ran between the food table and the jumping castle the entire time.  I have no idea how much Templeton ate during the party...
Our next door neighboor, Nicolas, is one of Charlie's very favorite people.  They ran around together the whole time.  Sweet Nico was such a good sport--I head Charlie yelling "Nico, jumping castle!" and he nicely obliged every time. :)
The sand table/construction site was also a huge hit.
Sam made the jumping castle so fun for the kids.  He was running around scaring them while they were jumping and Charlie LOVED it (as did the other kids--Sam walked away at one point and I heard one of the little girls say, "Tell that daddy to come back and scare us again!" :).

Finally, the moment Charlie had been waiting for.  Cake!

Charlie loved hearing everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to him and waited patiently to blow out his candles.

Pointing out the piece he wanted...
...and diving in!

Still going strong...
...washing it down with a bit of water...
...and continuing on!
Too busy eating to notice his lovely little companion...
Charlie finally had enough after polishing off two pieces.  He takes after his mother that way. :)

Look who else loved the party!
Evie had so much fun rolling around on her blanket with some of her little friends.  These little guys were so funny--they were all "talking" and smiling and rolling around.  They actually seemed to have quite a good time!
You know it's been a good party when the birthday boy loses his pants.
Not surprisingly, Charlie was REALLY keyed up all evening.  My parents, Meg, Graeme, Sam, and Audra all stayed for the evening and we had such a blast just sitting around laughing, playing and visiting.  The balloons and the matchbox cars provided an endless source of entertainment.

All that was left on Sunday morning was the balloons...and a VERY happy two-year-old.  

I still cannot believe my little boy is TWO.  Every time I hear Charlie proudly proclaim his age and try to get his two fingers up, I get a little teary.  But he is so much fun right now and I know it will only get better.  What a wonderful 2nd year...I really can't wait to see what the 3rd year brings!