Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Wonderful Helpers

Since I was supposed to be taking it easy/on bed rest, my sweet mother-in-law and mom stepped up to help.  It was so fun having the company and SO nice to have some time to rest a little, have a break from lifting kids, and get a few things done around the house.  The kids loved having their grandmas in town and we were all a tiny bit sad when my doctor gave me the "all clear" to go back to normal activities. :)

First, Evie taught Mimi how to make cornbread.
Then you taste it, just like this...
Then, Charlie taught Mimi how to get rollers out of her hair.  Might be the first (and last?) time that a football player has doubled as a hairstylist!

Sweet Mimi also babysat for us on New Year's Eve so that Clint and I could have a fun, adult game night at the Jordans' house.  It was so fun to get away for a few hours and we loved celebrating the new year with such good friends.

We spent New Year's Day relaxing with the kids, watching football, and playing at the park.  These two watched a LOT of football.  Charlie was so entranced that Evie was able to slip his helmet on unnoticed. :)
Still watching...
All of his football observation really paid off.  Charlie, always confident, informed me that "football players wear lovies in the pants in case their hands get too sweaty." [See below.]  Mostly right, I guess. :)  He insisted on wearing his lovie in his pants, but was so frustrated when it kept falling out.  I convinced him that they really used towels and he was much happier with the old, white dishtowel we found.  It looked very authentic and stayed in his pants much better than the lovie.  It has now become a permanent part of the football uniform and has made several trips to the park with it.  At least his hands won't get too sweaty! 
After Mimi left, Ahh came to visit for a few days.  Somehow, I didn't get any pictures with her.  Argh!!  I've got to be better about that! :)  But, even though Ahh is conspicuously absent from the pictures, we had a great time with her.

First up was gingerbread house demolition.  Charlie was very pumped about the idea of knocking down our gingerbread houses...
...but sweet Evie was not.  She was so sad at the idea of knocking these treasures down, and started crying, saying "Nooooo Caga!  It makes me so sad!"  Here she is rescuing the poor house:
Sweet girl!
We took pity on Miss E and left the houses standing for a few more days.  But Charlie finally got too antsy, so one day while she was napping, this happened:

Charlie had a blast and Evie, luckily, has not missed them. :)
Energetic Ahh also got us out to the Children's Arboretum.  Even though it was very chilly, we had a great time.

Evie the baby bird...
Two little robins in their nest (they did this for a LONG time):
Here, they are pretending to sleep.  I wish it was this easy to get them to sleep at home!

After the grandmas left, we had one more surprise in store.  We got a box of goodies from Mimi, and the kids were thrilled with their John Deere gear.  Charlie wondered "how does Mimi know I love John Deere?"  We decided she is just a really good guesser (or maybe it was the fact that he talked about Pawpaw's tractors constantly during her visit? :).
Evie was very pleased with her PINK John Deere gear as well. :)
We are all very grateful for our wonderful grandmothers (even if Evie the stinker did torment them by constantly putting them on her "baaaaad" list while they were here! :).

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