Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Week

So after baby #3 decided to be a bit troublesome, our Christmas plans got rearranged quite a bit.  We intended to spend the week in Seguin and La Vernia visiting family and celebrating Christmas, but my doctor (and Clint) vetoed that plan and decided we needed to stay in Dallas and I needed to stay in bed.  So my awesome family stepped up and made sure the kids didn't miss out on any of the Christmas fun.  My parents came up to Dallas the Friday before Christmas to take over childcare while Clint and I were in the hospital, and then the Reins came to visit on Saturday.  I hated to miss running around with everyone, but I loved hearing about all the fun!

Here is part of the crew settling in for the night with the Grinch, one of our favorite holiday movies.
When Mom and Meg heard that Santa and his reindeer had dropped by the Arboretum, they jumped in the car and ran over to visit.  Charlie, as usual, was thrilled to see Santa, and reiterated his wish for a bike with pedals and training wheels.
Evie was less pumped about seeing Santa.  She is very comfortable with the fact that she cries when she sees Santa because, according to Evie, he's "too scary!"  When they drove into the Arboretum, the guy at the gate mentioned that there was a "special guest at the gift shop."  There is no fooling Miss E--she apparently became very nervous and was shouting "I no go gift shop!"  When Meg agreed to just push her up to Santa in the stroller and stand very close, she accepted that proposal and managed to quietly get in her request for cookies and a pouch.  As a result, here is Evie's first non-crying pic of the year with a  real Santa!
Santa brought Vixen with him.  So exciting!
Mr. Friendly was so thrilled to see Frosty and Rudolph.
Miss Priss?  Not so much.  She decided she "not yike snowman."  She has reiterated this many, many times since, and every time she tells us, "I not yike snowman.  I yike Mommy better."  Not sure why I am lumped in with the snowman (and why she can only like one of us?), but I guess I'm glad she likes me better!
Some of the crew also took a trip over to the Bush library to check it out.  I'm not sure what story Meg told Charlie about the Bush library, but every time he has talked about it since their visit, he wants to tell me about "Meggie's high school."  Meggie, can you explain?
Charlie felt most at home in the replica of the Oval Office, below.  He immediately jumped in the chair behind the desk and assumed this pose, on the phone.  I think Charlie has no trouble at all imagining himself as leader of the free world...
Meg brought stuff to make gingerbread houses and the kids had so much fun doing these.  She got them each their own kit, and they loved having a house all to themselves, even if they did get a bit competitive with it.  Evie was getting a lot of help from me and Meg and Charlie became a bit forlorn when he looked over and felt like Evie's looked better.  But we pumped him up and he was quickly quite satisfied with his again...doesn't take much for Charlie to be self satisfied! :)

Here is Evie decorating her house.  Notice that she has dressed herself--a classic summer tank top over a favorite winter shirt.  Ahh and Aunt Meggie are much more willing to allow her some freedom with her fashion "choices"!

Proud decorator.
I look so pleasant here, don't I?
Aunt Meggie and her mini-me.
The finished products!  Charlie was so jealous that Evie thought to leave her toy soldier's "clothes" (wrapper) on!
As you'll see, reading to three kids is a very relaxing experience.  Totally does NOT make us second-guess our decision to have #3 so soon. :)
There was lots of playtime around the house.  I LOVE having Walter in our house.  He is such a happy little addition to the house and just toddles around and entertains himself.  He is so happy about everything he finds and so easy to have.  It was so fun having him walking around for the first time!
He had lots of help deciding what to do...
Lunchtime companions.
The modern man.
Bobo and his favorite toy--the trains!
We did a little gift-opening with the Reins before they left, and the kids loved getting to get into a few packages early.
Here is Charlie, teaching Bobo how to play with his new dump truck.
Evie is so proud of this necklace she got from Meggie.  She keeps telling me it is "yike Mommy's," and just loves wearing it.
(The only Meggie gave is the lovely silver one, slightly smaller than Charlie's (also tasteful) necklace gift.)
Charlie got a light saber.  He is obsessed!  I've only gotten banged a couple of times...hopefully the baby can escape his wrath!
And a couple of videos from the week:

Charlie, very seriously making his picks for the family football pool (he was in first for a while, but has fallen a bit behind as of late).  He is very confident in his choices!
Charlie, visiting Santa at the Arboretum...

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