Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Evie's First Haircut

As I have been racing through my pre-baby bucket list, one of the things that had to get checked off was Evie's first haircut.  It was long overdue, and she was such a little trooper.  She was very excited about her big day, but got a little nervous once we arrived.

Here she is, regretting her bold choice to go first, and a little too nervous to sit in the chair.
With a sucker to hold, she decided she might be able to sit...but was nervous.  Luckily, she had lots of jewels to keep her looking fabulous.
Once her hairdresser started to buckle her in and put on her cape, E turned on the waterworks.  I just about died at this point, when she was rubbing her eyes and trying SO hard not to cry...
...but she just couldn't help herself.  Luckily, Miss E stayed perfectly still while she was crying, so the haircut continued uninterrupted. :)
She quickly calmed down and although a few tears remained, she did great for the rest of the haircut.
 And looked SO adorable with her new 'do!
Finally, Evie got to enjoy what she came for: a sucker!
Charlie went next and was quite the little man about the whole thing.  He spent most of the haircut on my iPhone and looked just like a little businessman at the barbershop.  He was, of course, far too busy to make small talk with his hairdresser. :)
 His ultra-preppy, Republican haircut suited him. :)
Congrats, Miss E, you did great!  (Although, as she will tell you, "I cwied...just a yittle bit.")

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