Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Morning in Dallas

It was so exciting to wake up on Christmas morning and see that Santa had come!  (I am such a child--it still makes me so excited. :)
Very full stockings. :)
Shockingly, Miss Evie was the first one up!  She never wakes up first, but I think Charlie was completely exhausted after his Seguin adventures.  It worked out perfectly because Evie got a chance to inspect her kitchen and eat her breakfast (which she can't go without for more than a few minutes) before Charlie got up.  Once he was up, we couldn't keep them out of the presents!
Someone noticed a cookie in the stockings.
Charlie's very favorite present, and what he went for first, was his bike!  He was so pumped to get this, and couldn't believe it had pedals AND training wheels.  He has been a riding machine since Christmas, even with the cold weather.  We have had so much fun around the neighborhood and at the lake!
The kids got cookies and a pouch (Evie's big request) and a couple of their favorite Thomas trains in their stockings.  I really think this would have been plenty for them.  Once they had gotten into that stuff, they were both very happy.  It was hard to tear them away from the train table and get back to opening!
This one was particularly pleased with her cookie.  We let her get into it before breakfast and I don't know if I've ever seen her so happy.  She has talked about it constantly since Christmas, and has even decided that she might like Santa now.

Back to presents...Charlie, not surprisingly, dug right into his books.

Evie added a few new jewels (and a box to hold them) to her growing collection.  It is very hard to get out of the house without a lot of jewelry these days!  (But at least she looks amazing.)
The pink rain boots were another big hit.  [To say that pink is an obsession right now is an understatement.  It is the only color Evie cares to learn and she just loves it.  She wants everything in her life to be pink and is so pleased when she spots pink somewhere.  Where does this come from??]

Charlie's teepee has been a big hit.
As has this trampoline...the kids are WILD on it.  They developed a very dangerous tackle-off-the-trampoline game that I am trying to nip in the bud...

Papa and Ahh brought the most amazing fire station!

Daddy let Evie dress herself.  The result?  A pink swimsuit cover-up, pink flowered shorts, and pink rain boots.  Some jewelry was added after this photo was taken. :)
Santa, in a brilliant move, brought Evie a Dora toothbrush.  This has completely reinvigorated her interest in teeth brushing!
One of Charlie's best gifts this year was his teepee (from me and Clint) and his Indian costume (from Dede and Robie).  He has been Chief Running Deer several times a day since.  His little imagination has been in overdrive--it is so cute to see the games he and Evie have come up with!

Evie also got an Indian costume, but it took a few days for Charlie to convince her to put it on (she now is obsessed with it).  But on Christmas, she just wanted to wear PINK.
Charlie was so funny on Christmas morning.  He was a little overwhelmed during gift opening and was quieter than usual.  But once Evie went down for her nap in the afternoon, he snuck down and methodically played with each new thing that he had gotten.  He became the most grateful little thing ever, and just kept telling me how much he loved Santa, Mommy and Daddy, Papa and Ahh, Dede and Robie, etc. for his wonderful presents.  He kept exclaiming over each new thing and was having so much fun--it was so sweet and cute. :)
Papa, Ahh, and I made a quick trip over to the Kirks' to see Baby Elle.  She was so sweet!  She is trying to smile now and making the cutest little cooing noises.  It is so endearing!

Although our Christmas plans didn't turn out exactly like we had planned, it was a wonderful, joyous holiday.  I am just sad it is over!

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