Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Morning #1

Charlie and Evie celebrated their first Christmas morning in Seguin with Walter.  Santa waited and came to our house the next day, so they each got one present from Papa and Ahh and then helped Walter with his.  I can't imagine a scenario where this would go smoothly except when Bobo is involved.  They love this little guy so much, they didn't mind that they weren't getting presents!  (And it helped that they got amazing presents from Papa and Ahh. :)
The little elves "helped" Papa put together this slide for Mr. Bobo.  He loved it, and they loved playing on it with him.  I'm thinking it is slightly more dangerous when they are playing with him...

Poor Bobo!
Charlie is completely obsessed with his goggles, work gloves and chainsaw.  Christmas could have ended here and he would have been perfectly happy.  His only disappointment is that his chainsaw does not actually chop things up.  He has made sure to tell Ahh (many times) that next Christmas, he wants a chainsaw that really works.

After presents, the kids headed out to the House on the Hill for the family Christmas brunch.  This was one of their highlights of their little get-away.  Charlie must have told me about 50 times how much fun he had playing at the House on the Hill.  Graeme got all the kids involved in a big tackle fight, and Charlie was in heaven. :)

Little Miss was slightly more cautious...
...but decided to join in the fun!
Some of the cousins.
And then they were off to Dallas!

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