Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Eve at the Cabin

Since I was supposed to be on bed rest, my parents decided to take the kids down to Seguin for two days to let me get some rest and let them run off their excess energy (there was a lot) with their cousins.  I was sad to see them go, but so glad we let them get away for a couple of days.  They came back so happy and so tired, with so many fun stories from their two nights away.  They love their family so much, and since I didn't get to go to the cabin for Christmas Eve this year (my favorite activity of the year, hands down), the next best thing was hearing about it from Charlie and Evie.

Both of my kids loved KK's sugar cookies--and I don't blame them!
Evie was especially obsessed with the cookies.  Apparently they kept trying to cut her off, but she would sneak in the room where the cookies were, push a chair close to them, and climb up and snag one (but only the red (PINK) ones).  If someone saw her and asked where she got it, she would blame one of my aunts or uncles (usually "Dede" or "Elam").  I think little Miss got a year's worth of cookies that day!

And notice Evie's amazing look here.  Apparently it takes Mommy being there to keep her presentable and in bows.  Grandma Ahh has many, many strengths and is an amazing, incredibly fun grandmother.  Combed hair and bows, however, are not her strength (Meg and I were little ragamuffins as well :). 
The cabin.

It was so pretty on Christmas Eve this year that they set up tables and chairs outside and had lunch by the lake.

Here are Meg and Evie.  When I am absent, she attaches herself to Meggie and Ahh!  I am, apparently, easily replaceable. :)
Sweet little Elam, the newest member of our family.  It is killing me that I haven't met this little guy yet.  My plan for Christmas Eve was to hold him all day, and I was so sad that I didn't get to do that!
Megan somehow managed to fly, by herself, from LA, with a 3-year-old (Elec) and 10-month-old twins (Georgie and Lou) in tow.  I don't know how she managed it, but I am so impressed...and SO sad I missed seeing them.
Jane Ann and one of the twins.  (Don't hate me Megan, but I cannot tell them apart!)

My namesake, sweet Katie.
One of Charlie's favorite parts of the day was Ranger rides!
Amy of the twins. :)

Walter, Jackson, Charlie, and Elec.  Charlie SO loved hanging out with the boys this year.  I heard so many stories about how fast Jackson is, how funny Samuel is, and how much fun Charlie had playing with Elec.  He just loves his cousins!
Addie and sweet Elam.
Charlie loves it when the Jeep needs some work.  Always a highlight. :)

Big helper.
The kids love driving around in the pink Jeeps.  Evie, with her current pink obsession, was especially thrilled.

There was a family baseball game, and Charlie had so much fun playing.  He told Meg, "I just loved playing baseball," and reported it to me as his favorite activity of the day, other than the hayride.  Evie wasn't quite so thrilled--she reported, "I no yike baseball!"
Charlotte waiting for a good pitch.
Eagerly waiting for their turn at bat.

Mom and Dede.
Walter just liked playing in the hay!
Finally, Charlie's turn at bat.  He got lots of assistance...

Henry (who, if our baby comes on its current c-section date, will be exactly one year (minus a day) older than our baby) and Walter.
The hayride is always one of the best parts of the day.  Both of my kids LOVED it this year.  I can't wait to do it with them next year!

I love the annual cousin photo, especially since our group is growing so fast right now.  3 kids and 2 on the way are missing here!  Also, notice Evie crying in this picture...
...and then look where Charlie has placed his hand in this one. :)
The day concluded with Steven (on his guitar) leading everyone in Christmas carols in the cabin.

I am still SO sad I missed this fun day, but glad my kids got to experience it!

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