Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Walter James

 At 4:59 this morning, sweet little Walter James burst onto the scene and we are in love.  He clocked in at a healthy 7 lbs., 15 oz., and 20 inches (almost exactly his cousin Charlie's stats (8 lbs., 20.25 in.)).  He is an adorable, sweet, cuddly, precious little guy.  Meg was supposed to be induced this morning, but Walter, in his thoughtful way, decided to cooperate and came on his own during the night.  So nice for me, because I got to wake up in Austin to a sweet baby boy just waiting for us at the hospital! :)  I spent my morning visiting him, but had to leave to come back to Dallas this afternoon and it was SO hard for me.  I was more emotional than I could have imagined on the trip back.  Even though I didn't get nearly enough time with him, Walter completely won me over and I cannot wait for my next visit with him.  And I LOVE his name.  Little guy is named for my dad's dad and Graeme's dad.  Both are amazing men, so this little one has big shoes to fill!  

Charlie and Evie were with me (part of the reason I had to return so quickly--those two are just not the calm, cooperative hospital visitors that I would have liked to have had with me :), and they are so excited about their new cousin.  Charlie remarked that "Walter needs to get bigger" and that he'd like Meggie to get out of bed and play.  But after that initial equivocal reception, he warmed significantly to the idea of having a baby boy cousin.  Tonight, he was excitedly planning all the things he was going to teach Walter--they include "driving the Ranger," "driving the Jeep," "playing cars," "playing trucks," "doing construction," "taking trips" (??), and "playing trucks after driving the Ranger."  Poor Walter better rest up before his first trip to La Vernia with Charlie!  Charlie and I had done a lot of talking about how we were just going to look at Walter but not hold him, but after several rounds of negotiations, we did agree that it might be ok to touch his feet.  Luckily for Walter, he was swaddled when Charlie and Evie stopped by and so there was no touching.  When we got home, Charlie finally remembered our deal and exclaimed "we forgot to touch Walter's feet!"

Here's me with Meg and Walter.  I loved cuddling him!
 The kids were all so excited to meet the newest cousin.  Jane Ann was especially excited, as she just adores babies (it reminds me so much of me and Meg when we were her age!).  She said that she wishes she could have a baby boy named Walter. :)  I took pictures of Charlie and Evie meeting Walter with Meg's camera and am so mad that I didn't get any with mine!  Oh well, will add later. :)

 Could he be any cuter??  I just love that little face!
 Dede, Addie, and Katie came up to meet Walter as well.  Charlie and Katie had so much fun playing today, but were as wild as could be.  I think Charlie is a terrible influence on Katie!  I heard her tell him, "Charlie, you are my best friend," and it just melted my heart.  These cousins are so lucky to have each other. 
 Sweet mama with her baby boy.  Meg was such a trooper--after a sleepless night, she let all of us come visit and didn't complain a bit!
 Modeling his new duds. :)
Although in person I thought little Walter looked just like his own little person (and a lot like Graeme!), I did see something reminiscent of baby Charlie when I looked back at the photos of Walter when I got home.  So just for comparison's sake, here is baby Charlie.  They definitely have the same round little faces! 

Walter, we are so excited you are here.  What a blessing you are!  I cannot believe how much I love this little guy already.

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