Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

My mom took these sweet photos of me with my birthday cake on my first birthday.  My sweet, sentimental mom saved the dress (and probably all the gifts as well :), and brought it to me when Evie was born.  We decided to recreate the photo shoot with Evie and see if we could see a resemblance between the photos.  My verdict?  I can't really tell if there's a resemblance, but I cannot figure out how my mom managed to get such good photos because I found this photo shoot to be a messy endeavor.  I think I must have been a much more restrained baby than Miss E is. :)

Here I am on my first birthday:
My sweet Aunt Dede feeding me cake. :)
With my dad and his amazing glasses. :)
And in the same dress, here's Evie!
It did not take her long to dig in...

We had to pull Evie away from the cake before I got too many pictures, so I decided to try for a few more the next day with just a cupcake.  Things got really messy again (I got a few pictures and then ended up with a smashed cupcake and two children crying because they weren't getting to eat the whole thing).  But the pictures look pretty sweet... :)
Me on the left, Evie on the right.  I see some similarities, but all in all, I think we look pretty different!

I love this picture.  Charlie was making Evie laugh, and I just love the joyous look on her face.  She adores that boy, and I am just having the best time watching them interact right now.
Sweet girl in a sweet dress.
Thank you Grandma Ali for saving that dress for us.  What a special photo shoot!

P.S. If you are starting to get burned out on Evie first-birthday posts, then you can relax.  We are all done!  On to Charlie's half-birthday... :)

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