Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, November 12, 2012


Evie’s first birthday was a busy, crazy, but wonderful day.  My mom was here, so we made it a day-long celebration.  We started out with a candle in the waffle (Charlie, of course, had to have one too :). 

We then took Charlie to school and spent an hour and a half at Evie’s one-year doctor visit.  Sweet Evie thoroughly enjoyed our “alone” time until the end of the appointment, when she had to suffer through an ear exam, four shots, and a blood draw.  She was furious with all of us, and the doctor correctly noted on her chart that she is a “feisty little lady.”  Here she is in the process of tearing apart the room...

After picking Charlie up, we went to Evie's favorite activity: Kindermusik!  As usual, sweet girl loved her music class and had so much fun dancing and singing.  She got a beach ball as a birthday gift there, and it has been a huge hit with both kids.  Here's Charlie with it:
Evie and Ahh, sharing a book and waiting patiently for Dada to get home so we can get down to business (i.e., cake and presents :).
E's cute birthday outfit...but I think pink sparkly Toms just make any outfit cute. :)

Finally, presents!  Evie was hilarious opening presents.  It was late and we had had a long day, so I expected to just do one or two before she melted down, but Evie had a different plan.  She LOVED opening presents, and oohed and ahhed over each one.  It was really cute to see how excited she was about each gift and how much fun she was having playing with them.  Some of the sweet gifts she got that night were: (note: I only have pictures of the gifts we opened that night and the next morning, but we also LOVE the stuff she got right before and right after the big day!)

Her stuffed mouse from the Reeds.  This has been a big favorite.  It earned a coveted spot in her crib and gets lots of love there.  She has gone to bed hugging it every night since her birthday.  She was so excited when she opened the little mouse--she could not stop hugging it and saying "awwww."  So sweet. :)

 Her "princess" outfit from Dede.  I would not have guessed it, but this girl loves a tutu!  She twirls around and is so proud of her fancy outfit. :)
Meg sent Evie Angelina Ballerina (about a little mouse), which was one of my favorite books growing up.  I am having so much fun re-reading it with Miss E!
 AND Aunt Meggie sent her a precious little doll.  Meg and I LOVED our dolls growing up, so this was such a special gift coming from Meg.  Evie loves her doll.  She cuddles her, hugs her, and squeals with delight every time she sees her.  Charlie named her "Baby Auntie Pastry" (after the character in the Richard Scarry books; who knows what inspired that?).  Aside from her unfortunate name, we are taking very good care of Baby Auntie Pastry. :)
Clint and I gave Evie this little door.  So random, but C & E love it.  They especially love to set it up in front of their tent or tunnel and use it as the entrance.  And they love throwing fake mail back and forth through the window.  Exactly what it was designed for, right?

Charlie was so patient all day and was finally rewarded with cake!
A little unsure...

Once she dove in, Evie loved it!  She did not hold back, and scarfed down every bite of her (large) piece of cake.  Poor girl seems to take after her Mama in the sweets-loving department.  Oh dear.

Another sugar lover. :)

Happy Birthday Evie, and thanks for making your big day so much fun.  You continue to amaze and entertain us!

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