Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Trunk or Treating

To get the kids ready for Halloween (and as an insurance policy in case things went wrong on Wednesday night and we didn't make it out trick or treating :), we went "trunk or treating" at a neighborhood church on the Sunday evening before Halloween.  We had a great time, but it drove Charlie crazy that we were referring to the even as "trunk or treating."  He must have corrected us 50 times and told us that "it's called TRICK or treating."  He must have thought we were such idiots. :)

The fireman and his dalmatian puppy, getting ready to head to the trunks.  Sweet Grandma Ahh was in town to help with all the festivities.

 It didn't take the dalmatian long to realize that she was wearing her hat.  Can't pull one over on this girl. :)
 Much better!
 Evie got one lollipop and was happy.  Charlie, on the other hand, was determined to hit up any person who looked like they might have some sweets they wanted to unload.
 Charlie was a little unsure about some of the people in costume, but his desire for candy outweighed any momentary shyness and he managed to muster up a little "trick or treat" at every car. :)

 The pirates took all of his courage, but a desire for candy (and curiosity) helped him push through.
 Fishing for candy.

 Nothing like a bounce house to cap off a fun night of trunk or treating.  I think this will become an annual tradition--we loved it!

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