Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, November 26, 2012

Waiting for Walter

Since Meg was scheduled to be induced last Tuesday, the kids and I headed down to Austin on Monday to spend the day with Meg and Graeme and make sure we were there when little Walter made his grand entrance.  I am SO lucky that my sweet cousin, Amy, lives in Austin and agreed to let us stay at her house.  She has three awesome kids and an incredible, fun house, and so it turned into a great vacation for Charlie and Evie.  Charlie could not believe all the kids and all the fun things to do.  He was seriously in heaven, and is still talking about Samuel, Jane Ann, and Charlotte.  He is dying to go back, so poor Amy may be regretting her hospitality when we turn into repeat visitors. :)

Meg was so much fun, and despite being 41 weeks pregnant, spent the day running around with me.  I love my energetic sister! :)  Here she is with sweet Jane Ann, who is the best 4-year-old babysitter you could imagine.  She just loves babies and little kids and has such a sweet way with them.  She quickly noticed Charlie's (extreme) interest in Samuel's wooden train set and spent hours helping him set it up, run trains on it, and playing with it with him.  Charlie just worships her, and it's so obvious why!
One of my very best friends, Abbey, also happens to be Amy's sister-in-law (and lives very close to her).  She came over with George and Maggie and it was SO good to see them.  I couldn't believe how much sweet Maggie has grown and changed.  She is adorable!
Charlotte and Jane Ann were such good little helpers with Evie.  Evie was so thrilled that they were feeding her popcorn.  I think she was hoping that I wouldn't notice and shut it down. :)

Charlie and George were in truck heaven!
Exhausted and happy. :)
Two faces of George. :)

Isn't Meg cute?  I can't believe there was an almost 8-pound baby in there!
The ladies. :)
Thank you, Amy, for hosting us.  We miss you guys already!  And SO glad we got to be with the Reins for such a big day!

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