Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Klyde Warren Park

I am backing up a bit in my posts (behind as usual :), but wanted to do a quick post about our fun weekend before Thanksgiving.  We had thought we might be in Austin celebrating sweet Walter's birth, but since he decided to camp out in Meg's tummy for a few more days, we had an unexpected free weekend in Dallas.  It ended up being one of those great, relaxing, special weekends that I just love--nothing special, just great family time.  The weather was perfect, and there's something about crisp fall weather that puts me (and the rest of my family) in such a good mood.  One of my favorite memories is of Clint and Charlie leaving on their Saturday morning bike ride.  They were running out the door talking about their various adventures when Charlie suddenly turned around and ran back to me, yelling "I forgot to get my hug!"  Moments like that just melt my heart. :)
After the boys' bike ride and Evie's nap, we headed down to the new Klyde Warren Park that recently opened in downtown Dallas (above the Woodall Rogers freeway, if you can imagine!).  Some of the lawyers I worked with previously were involved with the development and design of the park, so I had heard about it as it was being planned years ago and it was so fun to go see the finished product in person.  Here we are trying to pose Charlie and Evie in front of the KWP sign, but these two were ready to explore!
This treehouse was really neat (but the stairs were a bit treacherous for Miss E).

Here are some views of the park from the treehouse.  Notice that water area below?  Not the best idea in 50-degree weather.  We had the hardest time keeping Charlie out of it!

Crazy E running wild in the treehouse. :)

Charlie loved these spinning things.  They had ones in every size and he had to try them all.
My kiddos were completely perplexed by the spider web.  Charlie liked climbing on it but couldn't quite figure out where he was supposed to go...  

...and Evie couldn't quite climb up it yet, but she spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure out how to get away from this rope.  It was pretty hilarious watching her pick up her legs and dance around trying to get away.

Charlie insisted on riding the very crowded merry-go-round...

...while E is still trying hard to extricate herself. :)
We also had fun sliding down the hills.  They were really slippery--I had the hardest time getting to the top!

The lawn.
The gourmet food trucks are such a fun addition to the park.  There was so much good food to choose from!

Charlie had to get a picture with the crane (in the background).

Here's Charlie with a chocolate-covered frozen banana.  He dubbed it his "favorite."
After a long nap that afternoon, we did some Christmas shopping and then spent the evening at a friends' house, where the kids ran around and played the entire evening.  On Sunday morning, we got up and went to church and “Cindy school.”  We tried to convince Charlie that it is called “Sunday school” but after several back-and-forths, he got so frustrated, finally asking us “Can you just call it Cindy school?”  So we did. :)  After church we went to brunch (at Charlie's suggestion, we went to "me and Papa's favorite restaurant," Garden Cafe).  While we were waiting to order, he suddenly yelled out, “look, that lady is wearing Charlie O’s raisins on her ears!”  I looked and sure enough, the lady next to me had earrings with white stones dangling down that looked just like the yogurt-covered raisins he discovered at his friend Charlie O’s house.  I laughed so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants. :)  

That afternoon, we went to the Snider Plaza tree lighting and then to Sam and Audra’s for a chili dinner. The kids were so pleased to be dinner guests and had the best time chatting and playing.  Sam had his tractors set out for them and they played and played.  While we were eating dinner, Charlie kept asking Sam to come play tractors with him.  We kept putting him off and then heard him exclaim, in a very loud, self-important voice, “everybody, I am poopy!”  Then, when we were leaving, Charlie was loading the car with Clint and Evie and I were walking out of the house with Sam and Audra.  Charlie ran back to Sam and Audra, shouting, “I forgot to say I love you!,” and gave them huge hugs.  I love seeing how much he loves them--and how loved both of the kids are by their sweet aunt and uncle.  Sam and Audra invited Charlie to stay over at their house one night soon and he was so excited about the idea.  On the drive home, he was dreaming of “cookies, ice cream, and maybe sandwiches!”  I am glad he dreams big. :)

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