Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bye Bye Bobby

I thought I would get tougher as I grew as a mother, but I seem to be getting more wimpy.  Charlie gave up his pacifiers when her turned two, exactly on my schedule, but when two came around for Evie, I just couldn't bear to take her precious bobbies away (partly because I was terrified about the prospect of facing some bad nights/no nap days).  So I tried to take the easy way out and trim then down, cutting a little off the nipple every few nights.  That didn't phase her a bit--she held on to her beloved bobbies even when they just had little stubs coming out of them.  We continued on like that for quite a while, until I decided that they were probably filled with all kinds of nasty bacteria and we really had to do away with them.  I was so hoping that Evie would decide to get rid of them on her own, but it became clear that this was not going to happen.  Anytime we asked her whether she wanted to sleep without bobbies, she gave a very tragic "nooooo!"  So even though it broke my heart to take her bobbies away from my sweet girl, I figured her teeth would thank me later if we went ahead and did it.  So one day when we were feeling particularly brave/foolhardy, we headed to the toy store to pick a toy to "buy" with her bobbies, just like Charlie did.

The little shopper was not nearly as decisive as her brother had been.  We shopped for hours (literally), and ended up going to two different toy stores (much to her daddy's horror) before we finally found something worthy of her precious bobbies.  
 The pink ponies were tempting, but ultimately, did not make the cut.
 Mr. Decisive, meanwhile, found several things that he would very much like to have. :)
 Final decision made.
 Paying with her bobbies...I didn't trust myself, so I left them at the store this time. :)
 Buyers' remorse.
 Sweet girl was a little unsure about the whole thing, but quite pleased with her selection of Chelsea's clubhouse.  It definitely helped ease the pain.
 Shockingly, after all my worrying, Evie did great!  We didn't even have one bad night.  She has mentioned her bobbies a few times (more recently, but really not much), but other than that, has been totally fine.  Now that Ford is getting a little bigger and is using bobbies fairly frequently, Evie has decided that she would like to be a baby again so that she can "cry instead of talk and have bobbies."  But all in all, she really has done great, and we are SO proud of our little girl.  This one always surprises me with how gracefully she handles each transition--much better than her mama!

The bobby-free girl in her crib...happy as a clam!

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