Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Saturday, April 19, 2014

LECPTA Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood moms' group puts on an Easter egg hunt every year, and I figured this would give Charlie and Evie a chance to practice before the real hunt.  They loved the whole event.  Evie was very enamored with her "egg hunt" dress and now wants to wear it every day [the pom pom bunny tails on the dress are so amazing].  Charlie was determined to get more eggs than anyone else (surprise, surprise :), and at the end, definitely felt that he had done that.  In reality, he was a bit stymied by the size of his basket, but he filled it as full as he possibly could!  

The eager hunters.

First, we had a petting zoo...
...and playtime.
Then, on to the hunt!  Charlie rushed around like a man on a mission.  Evie was in much less of a hurry.  She liked to enjoy each egg--she would find an egg, sit down, open it, eat (or inspect) the contents, and then eventually move on to the next egg.  Her strategy did not result in a large quantity of eggs, but since that meant less candy coming home, I was totally fine with that! :)

"I found more eggs than anyone else!"
Here's Charlie trying to impress sweet Sydney with tales of his egg hunting prowess.  Sydney was one of the lucky ones with a big basket--she had quite a haul!
Sweet friends.

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