Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Sunday

Easter was so much fun this year.  Since Charlie was sick with a stomach virus last Easter, I felt like this was the first Easter where I had kids who were really into it and understood what was going on.  They were a little bewildered about it all, but so, so excited.  The neighborhood and school Easter egg hunts were good training exercises--Charlie and Evie were so excited about the real thing.  I think Evie talked about the egg hunt the whole way down to Seguin.

Here is Miss Priss getting ready Easter morning.  High maintenance?  She was pretty proud to use Mommy's hair dryer. :)
Here are Papa and Ahh with 4 of their grandchildren.
Our little big family.

These two have turned into such great little buddies lately.  I think my favorite thing in the world is just to watch them together.  I love the way Charlie takes care of Evie and she, in turn, worships him.  I don't think he minds (for the most part) having a little pink shadow. :)

Ford, in his Easter best, was not overly impressed.
Easter Sunday was extra special this year because little Elam was baptized at church that morning.  It was a beautiful service and so fun to have so many little cousins in attendance.  We somehow managed to get 15 in a picture!
The Reeds, with the little honoree.
Charlie and Evie love Jackson!

After church, we all got very excited about the Easter baskets and egg hunt.  Just like when we were little, we made the kids wait until everyone was there to go get the baskets.  It was torture for them, but so exciting.
Ford was just desperate to get to his basket.
As was Elam.

Finally, baskets!


Don't forget Ford's!
Posing with his basket. :)

I have no words. :)

Sooooo anxious for the hunt.  He made sure to grab a bigger basket this time. :)
Lining up for the hunt...

And they're off!  Evie was getting into it a little more this time.  She finally began to make the connection that more eggs = more candy.  It was hard for her not to eat the candy right away, but she tried to stay focused on the bigger picture. ;) 
Man on a mission.

"Mom, I got the MOST eggs!"

Even Ford found one!
This picture cracks me up.  The kids were posing for a picture to send to Elec, but only the girls really seem to know how to pose...

It was such a fun Easter, and we loved getting to spend it with all the cousins.  The drive back was long and exhausting (note to self: do not drive on I-35 on Easter Sunday again), but so worth it for a fun holiday.

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