Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Last Soccer Game and End of Season Party

Our second-to-last soccer game was not our best--we only had 5 players there, the opposing team averaged about a year older than our kids, and the players that were there weren't terribly enthusiastic about playing (there was a lot of ring around the rosy and holding hands on the field :).  Charlie scored one goal, but it was very hard-fought and he spent most of the game very discouraged.  I think his low point (but probably the funniest moment of the game) was when he was taking the ball down the field toward our goal and got abruptly knocked down by a line of 3 of the girls on our team holding hands.  They didn't release when Charlie hit them, and he ended up face planting in the ground.  He was mad, but it was pretty hilarious.  After that game, I was so hoping our last game would go well, and it did not disappoint!  Charlie was ready for revenge and got so pumped up about this game.  Papa and Ahh were there to watch, and I think that definitely helped psych him up as well.  He was so funny during the game--every time he would get tired, he would come over to me to get a few bites of waffle and some water, but as soon as the referee would blow his whistle, Charlie would drop whatever he was holding and bolt onto the field, attack the person with the ball, and try to get it away and score.  Charlie was getting so aggressive at kick-off that our coach was having to hold him back until the other team got a few kicks in. :)  It was his best scoring game, and I think he ended up with somewhere between 10-15 goals (or so he said).  I was happy to end the season on such a high note, and Charlie was so proud of himself he was practically bursting. :)  

Here is our sweet team after the last game.  In the back row, Coach Justin, Charlie, Isabella, Ford, Ryan, and Coach Kevin; and in the front row, Finley, Eileen, Emmy, and Sydney.  We were missing Walker, Henry, and Reese.  Such a fun group of kids!
Giving 2 thumbs up after the game.  He was so thrilled with himself. :)
The following week, we hosted an end-of-season soccer party for our team.  We ordered pizza, set up the bounce house, and let the kids run around outside.  Like Evie's birthday party, only easier. :)  Charlie was so excited about getting to eat with his friends outside, and decided that he wanted them to eat pizza in his fort with him.  He specifically mentioned wanting Sydney to eat with him and she was such a good sport about it.  She wasn't sure why she was required to go sit with a bunch of wild boys in the fort, but she happily went along with it.  Guess who else refused to be left out?  Miss Evie insisted that she be part of the fort-dining group as well. :)
Charlie and Evie, waiting for the rest of the team to arrive.
The soccer "decorations."  My kids especially loved the tattoos.  Since the party, Evie has become obsessed with tattoos and just loves to put them on (but, of course, worries about them once they are there).  I have heard lots of "I get tattoos!  I get tattoos!" out of her.  I hope that this obsession passes before the tattoos get permanent!
I totally forgot to take pictures once our guests arrived, but just picture the above team, plus a few, plus little siblings and moms, running around the yard, and you have a good idea of what the party was like. :)  We are all sad the soccer season is over!

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