Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Evie!

As fun as it is to have Evie's birthday fall on the day after Halloween, I realized that it will never be relaxing.  We were up so late the night before, that her birthday morning really snuck up on me.  But tired or not, we were excited to celebrate!

We started off with breakfast oranges and waffles.  Evie was so pleased with her candles in her waffles.
We must have sang "Happy Birthday" 5 times, with her singing along loudly each time.  She loved being the birthday girl!
Guess who else had to have candles?

Do not attempt to take Evie's candles out yourself.  You may get scratched (or worse)...

Ahh was in town and the four of us had a pretty calm day (which Evie loved), but after some last-minute birthday shopping (Charlie put off buying his present for Miss E) and a doctor's appointment, we did manage to get in lunch at Evie's favorite spot: Zoe's!

She was SO happy. :)

While Evie was napping, Charlie helped me assemble her presents.  And he actually did a really great job putting this crib together.  Once he figured out how the Allen wrench worked, he was quite helpful!
Charlie was so excited about the crib that we "built" that he couldn't wait until present time (when Daddy got home from work and Papa arrived in town) to give it to her.  While Evie was eating her snack, Charlie disappeared and came out of the laundry room dragging a large present and saying, "Eves!  Let's open your baby bed!"  She was quite thrilled to get an early present. :)
Finally, Daddy and Papa made it to our house and we got to open presents!  Evie was really into it this year and everything she got was such a hit.  Way too much stuff (as usual), and now we are struggling to think of Christmas ideas... :)

One of Evie's favorite presents was her scooter.  She has coveted Charlie's for so long, and she really cannot believe that she has her own.  Charlie wanted to teach her, but Evie picked it up very quickly on her own.  She can now zoom to the park almost as fast as Charlie!

Cupcakes!  I skipped the real thing to save up for her birthday party, but Evie was quite thrilled with the wooden version. :)
Here are some more of her favorite presents: a necklace from Charlie, a baby (with a Bobby!!), and a new doll stroller.

When she added her new purse from Charlie and a cupcake to the mix, she started to see how hard it is for Mommy to juggle a stroller, jewelry, a purse, and a snack... :)
Such a fun day with such a special little two-year-old!

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