Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, December 23, 2013


Given Charlie and Evie's love of climbing, jumping, hanging from things, and rolling around, I decided that we would all benefit from a gymnastics class.  So I enrolled Evie in a Mommy and Me class and Charlie in a "big boy" gymnastics class that happened to be going on at the same time.  The three of us had so much fun doing this every week this fall.  It was the first time Evie and I had gotten to do an activity on our own together, and I just loved seeing how  she did and how she reacted to anything without worrying about Charlie.  I peeked over at his class constantly, though, and loved seeing how much fun he was having.  He loves any activity, and it was so fun to see how enthusiastic he was during the class and how well he did.  He was almost always able to bully his way into the line leader position, and quickly had several "best friends" in the class.  The only thing that worried him all semester, however, was the fact that Evie had a boy coach and he had a girl coach.  He talked about it on the way to each class and frequently threatened to go with the boy coach, but once we arrived, he always happily went off with his class.

Here are some pretty funny videos of Evie during her class.  

First off, she loves the trampoline.  She is very impressed with her jumping abilities, and always exclaims, "I go high!"  I especially love her wild, static-y hair. :)

She also loves jumping into the foam pit:

But her very favorite thing is the rope swing into the foam pit.  She gets so excited about this and does it over and over every time:

Charlie's class doesn't always get to do the rope swing, so Evie loves to brag to him that "I swing!"

I think with the baby coming and my desire to get the kids into swim lessons before the summer, we are going to have to drop gymnastics for the spring, but I am so sad--it's been such a fun semester!

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