Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trip to Seguin

The kids and I are trying to get lots of Seguin-time in this summer, so we took the first (of hopefully many) trip down there last week.  It was a short trip, but so fun to be around such fun family.  My mom has gotten out and cleaned up all kinds of fun toys from when we were little, and the kids were obsessed with our old matchbox cars, construction site (this is an old favorite there), Little People, Jurassic Park dinosaurs, and baby dolls.  I loved it too!

We started out our trip with a celebratory trip to a new ice cream parlor in Seguin.  Charlie had been working toward an ice cream treat as one of his potty rewards, and you've never seen such a proud (or focused) honoree.
Evie liked the idea of ice cream, but wasn't so taken with the actual thing.  NOT my daughter. :)

 Not surprisingly, Charlie polished his off.
 After one or two bites, Evie was quite pleased to be "all done!"
Poor Papa was working hard the whole time we were there, but we did get in fun times at night, especially when the Spurs were playing.  These kids LOVE their Papa!
 Thumbs down for the Heat. :)
After we'd been griping about the Heat for a while, Charlie disappeared and came back with a gun.  He proceeded to wildly "pow" the Heat.  Not sure we are doing the best job of teaching the concept of good sportsmanship...
We spent lots of time with the Reeds, both at the Fretses' house and at the Ski Lodge.  Charlie loves nothing more than playing with these three, and they are so good for him--he learns new things every time he's with them, and has gotten so brave in the pool since swimming with them.  But most of all, they are just so fun! :)
 Fun, post-swim lunch at the Ski Lodge.
 Evie's new trick: "cheese!"
 Julia was so sweet on this trip, and spent so much time playing with Charlie, swimming with him, jumping in the pool with him, and just being so sweet to him.  He looks up to her so much, and I just love her kind ways.
Can you see how much he adores her? :)
This picture is so random, but it cracks me up.  My dad makes a smoothie every morning and the kids think the blender is so loud.  Somehow, this is a big deal EVERY morning.
Thanks all, for such a fun trip!

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