Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sweet Moments

On Sunday night, when I was putting Evie to bed, she sang along with my lullaby for the first time.  She was so pleased with herself--I just love seeing that big smile and those little alligator teeth looking up at me.  She gave me the sweetest kisses, and it just made me want to hold her all night.

We brought Charlie downstairs with us to watch the Spurs and he was pumped up (as usual).  He raced down the stairs, yelling "I'm so excited about the Spurs!"  Clint had picked up food from Mi Cocina for us to eat during the game, and as Charlie dug into his first nacho, he turned to me, and in the sweetest, most genuine voice, said, "THANK YOU Mommy for this lovely dinner!"

It is great days like these [minus the Spurs loss] that I need to remember when things get a little more harried around here... :)

Sweet cuddles in the morning...
...following by a wild day full of fun friends and fun swims...

 ...complete with cuddles and basketball at night.
I am so sad this weekend is over!

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