Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Friday, June 7, 2013

John Henry

When he was one, Charlie found my favorite (only) stuffed dog, and it has become his very favorite stuffed animal.  He has cuter, softer animals that he has gotten since he was born, but they just don't appeal to him the way this one does.  Once he could talk, he named the dog John Henry [not sure whether the name comes from Mimi and PawPaw's very fuzzy dog, also named John Henry, or is just due to Charlie's propensity to choose double names beginning with "John" (e.g., John Charlie)].  Since he got a bed, John Henry is the only animal always allowed in (he will sometimes include Duke (currently on loan to Evie, who really really loves him) or Monkey, but they don't make it in quite as consistently).  

Recently, I noticed that Charlie and John Henry have been having actual conversations (with Charlie speaking for both of them, of course).  I was cleaning up in his room today before his nap and I overheard the following:

"Yes, John Henry?"
"I want to read a book."
[Charlie carries John Henry over to the bookshelf.]
"Can I pick it?"
[Charlie takes John Henry's tiny paw and taps a book.]
"Ok, I will get that one for you."
"Can I get one more?"
[Charlie again takes John Henry's paw and taps a book.]
"Yay!  Now let's get in bed and cuddle!"
[They run to the bed and get in, and Charlie arranges John Henry on his lap so he can see the book, and starts reading to him. :)]

And several times recently, I have heard Charlie saying about John Henry, "I love this sweet little guy!"
I love their "friendship" and am glad that my old dog is so loved!

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