Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Charlie has developed a ridiculous obsession with driving (or "rife!", as he says every time we walk past a motorized vehicle).  He "drives" the car out of and into the garage with Dada, sits in the car in the driveway and wildly spins the wheel, pushes buttons, turns knobs, and wiggles levers, and generally sits in any other vehicle he can find and "drives" for as long as we will let him.  Clint's parents came to visit recently and made the mistake of bringing a "truck" with them (it was actually a large SUV, but to Charlie, it was a truck).  He could not focus on anything other than driving--every time he woke up, he immediately said "Papa. Truck! Rife!"  Clint's poor dad spent many hours in the driveway with Charlie, who truly appreciated all the attention.  I have to let him drive several times a day, and he got another driving fix when he went to visit my parents recently.  He drove tractors at the county fair, and even got to drive my dad's truck out at our ranch.  His visit did nothing to quash the driving obsession, but he certainly enjoyed himself!

Charlie convinced Papa and Ali to take him out to Hickory Hills Ranch and let him "rife" while he was staying in Seguin with them for a few days.  Poor Papa did not know what he was getting into--Charlie is a bit territorial about his driving, and did NOT want Papa to help.  You can hear him fussing about Papa's hands on the steering wheel in the video (this is apparently when he had calmed down a bit and was on relatively good behavior :).  

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