Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Our second Halloween was a smashing success--and so much fun with a very excited little racecar driver (who took the opportunity to tell everyone in the neighborhood that he was wearing a hat...they were very impressed :).  Charlie learned to say "Happy Halloween" (sounds a lot like "Happy Happy"), says a great "Boo!", and made a good effort at "Trick or Treat."  Tonight was extra-special because we learned today that our little girl is going to be born (via c-section) tomorrow at noon, so this was our last night as a family of 3.  Halloween was SUCH a fun way to celebrate this occasion, and we definitely made the most of it.  Charlie loved trick or treating--especially at the houses with dogs.  And Clint and I loved getting to see/meet all of our neighbors.  We love, love, love our new neighborhood and this was no exception--there were kids out everywhere, which made the night so fun.  Despite feeling very nostalgic about Charlie's last night as an only child, I am really excited about tomorrow. :)

Ready to get some candy!

Since we haven't really explored the wonders of sweets with Charlie yet, the sticks were much more enticing than the candy.  Charlie LOVES finding sticks.  When he finds a good one, he dubs it a "BIG stick" and waves it around proudly. :)

Charlie and his Dada.

Charlie and his very pregnant Mama.

Charlie and his sweet grandma Ali (Ahhh), who drove up from Seguin as soon as she learned that baby girl is coming tomorrow.  We are SO glad to have her here!!

Charlie and his entourage.

Happy, Happy, Happy!

Yesterday was full of Halloween festivities as well.  We first went to a neighborhood party, where Charlie learned the real benefit to his costume--the silky fabric sends him shooting down slides!

Then we headed to our church fall festival, where we met up with Ann, Brad, and baby Colin ("Ca").  He was the cutest little bee I've ever seen!

The jumping castle was the big hit of the evening.

But the little trick-or-treating village was pretty fun too. :)

Hope everyone had wonderful Halloweens.  Can't wait to meet our baby girl tomorrow!!

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