Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Playgroup Halloween Party

We had our playgroup Halloween party this week and it was so much fun to see the kids dressed up in their cute costumes.  I didn't get pictures of everyone, but I did get a few cute ones.  As we all know, Charlie is obsessed with driving right now.  So, naturally, he is a race car driver for Halloween (the other top contender was a truck driver, but the costume just wasn't as cute :).  Charlie LOVES his costume--it satisfies his obsessions with driving and with hats and he thinks the silky fabric is just wonderful.  I love watching him strut around in his new outfit.  I'm guessing we'll get quite a bit of wear out of this. :)

Charlie with Kendall, the sweet little ballerina.

The race car driver is hot stuff, but he still finds time for mundane things like chewing on baseballs.  Notice Woody (Bo) behind Charlie.  I wish I'd gotten a better pic of his cute costume!

George didn't want to wear his adorable panda costume, but he did indulge in the Halloween cookies. :)

Reese was the cutest strawberry ever.

And James made a pretty adorable pirate.

Cute family!

Harper didn't want to wear her costume, so she settled on pajamas instead.  Costume or not, this girl knows how to strike a pose!

A few of the moms...

Charlie spent a large portion of the party mowing.  Glad I brought such a good helper along!

We were so lucky to have the Grays stay with us for a couple of nights.  The playgroup girls threw a little dinner party honoring me, Abbey, and our baby girls after the playgroup on Monday night and it was such a nice evening.  We felt so special and I loved getting to focus on baby girl a bit--those times are so much more rare with the second pregnancy.  And Charlie, Clint and I loved having the Grays stay over.  Charlie and George had a blast--they played together, made each other giggle, shared food, and loved getting to take baths and read stories together.  I think Charlie is going to want more sleepovers! :)

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