Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Friday, October 28, 2011

Baby Girl's Nursery

I am definitely in "nesting" mode, and finally got my act together and put together baby girl's nursery.  I was nervous about getting it done and ready for her arrival, but it is just about there now and I love it!  It is still a little sparse, but I feel like she will accumulate enough stuff over time, so it's probably better to start her off with less rather than more. :)

Charlie has been quite a big helper in the baby's ("bebe's") room.  He loves running around in there and "helping" with all of our little projects (putting together crib and dresser, putting up wall shelves, hanging pictures, etc.).  Charlie now likes climbing in her crib, but it made him very nervous when it first arrived (hence the paci he needed to calm himself down in the pic below :).  I think he just did not like idea that we might need another crib in the house--to Charlie, we're getting by just fine with one, so why mess with that?  Since we've gotten the crib put together, however, we've had a few friends' babies over to sleep in the nursery, so now Charlie's much more comfortable with it.  I think he now views it as just a baby guest room for his friends...we'll see if things change once its little occupant is home to stay... :) 

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