Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Grandparents Went to Yellowstone, and All I Got Was...

An awesome hat, some sweet boots, and the bestmooseintheworld (aka "Stoney"):
My parents, along with my Aunt Dede and Uncle Robie, spent a week in Yellowstone and came back with all kinds of fun presents for Charlie. Luckily, the presents arrived (along with my mom!) just as we were getting our first little cold snap in Dallas. We dressed Charlie up and he was just so pleased with the result. He loved his cozy boots and hat and just cannot get enough of Stoney. They play together every morning while I get ready and it just cracks me up to hear Charlie chatting Stoney up. I think he's probably waiting for Stoney to pipe up with some interesting comment...maybe Stoney will oblige him one of these days... :)

When he's not talking to Stoney, he's trying to eat him. I am thinking Charlie may not be our vegetarian.
And we're still working on sitting up... :)
And here's the little man the next morning. My mom snapped this picture while he was playing with her and I just love it. Doesn't he look quizzical???
As I mentioned, my mom brought these gifts along with her when she came to Dallas last week. She took "Week 3" of my return to work and was just amazing. Not only did she come here straight from a long trip, but she was just tireless the entire week. She had Charlie on the best little eating, sleeping, and playing schedule, and he seemed so incredibly happy and calm every night when I got home. After my Bottle Wars post so long ago, Charlie's bottle-taking skills had taken a serious downturn. Meg and Mimi got him doing a lot better, but then last week, while my mom was here, he really got the hang of it. Previously, even though you could get the milk down him, you had to be creative (bouncer seat, outside, under fans, in front of toys, singing, etc.). It wasn't the most relaxing experience. :) Now, he will actually let someone hold him and give him a bottle! This is a huge step and we are so proud of our little man (and his Grandma Ali :). All in all, Grandma Ali was an incredible baby sitter and I had so much fun watching her and Charlie together. They had a blast, and he is so obviously attached to her (how could he not be, right?). I loved getting home every night to such fun stories about their days together and Charlie's little adventures. I was only sad that work was so busy (more on that later) and I couldn't spend more time with them! Thank you for such a fantastic week Grandma Ali!

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