Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bottle Wars

Charlie has proven himself to be a bit hard headed already, and we are currently engaged in what I am sure is only the first of many battles of wills. Despite starting to try bottles with him at 5 weeks, Charlie has staunchly refused them. We have tried different bottles, different nipples, different locations, and different people feeding him, we have adjusted the music, the lighting, and his surroundings, but nothing seemed to work. The mere entrance of a bottle into his line of vision would send little Snarles into a screaming fit that could be cured only by the removal of the offending item. I was beginning to get desperate, given that I am starting work in 3 weeks and do not want to leave him without a source of food (and, selfishly, would like a few date nights out before I go back to work). I invited my mom to join me in bottle boot camp and after days and days of trying, we finally have had a breakthrough. My mom had the bright idea of using a bottle that has the same nipple as Charlie's beloved pacifier and that has worked far better than anything else (i.e., he will actually put it in his mouth). Although bottles are still a bit of a messy struggle (it works best outside, where he's happiest, and there's a lot of crying, spitting, and alternating between bottle and paci), Charlie is actually eating from them now. Clint and I have gotten him to do one bottle a day for the last few days. I am very excited about this new development, very proud of our little boy, and very much looking forward to a night out. :)

Here's the little rascal with a few of his many bottle options.
Surveying the choices.
The mere thought of another bottle feeding makes him tired...why can't they just give this silly idea up?
The winner! :)

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  1. of my gosh...he looks EXACTLY like dad in that first picture, with his eyebrows up! that is so cute.