Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, October 18, 2010

Charlie Goes to Day Care

I left my camera at the daycare the other day just to see what materialized. It was so fun to see all the photos of Charlie's day when I arrived to get him. He really seems to have so much fun there and the 3 ladies who take care of him (Nicole, Crystal, and Blanca) could not be sweeter. It is still really hard for me to leave him, but it helps to see Charlie so happy and content every morning when I leave and every afternoon when I get there to pick him up.

Here is Charlie on a buggy ride--one of his very favorite activities (hard to tell from the serious face, I know).Here is Charlie posing suggestively next to his Whoozit.

And here's how I learned Charlie could sit... (I know, worstmotherintheworld)

This is how Charlie looked one morning when I left. He was WAY too busy "working" to say goodbye to me. :)

And finally, Charlie's first art project! In addition to these very scary Ghost Feet, Charlie has also been finger painting! Hard to believe, but he loves it! And we are SO proud of our budding artist. :)

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  1. have nothing to worry about, he is having a ball! He looks so cute on the stroller ride and I'm sure he looks forward to playing with his friends each day...they are more fun than Mom and Dad! :)