Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An Engagement (and a New Aunt for Charlie)!

Last Thursday night (September 30, 2010), we received the best news--my brother Sam proposed and his girlfriend Audra said yes! They are already busily planning a wedding for next April and we just could not be happier. Audra is a beautiful, smart, and FUN addition to our family. We all love being around her and I think Charlie is almost as taken with her as Sam is--he really turns on the charm when she's in the room. So Charlie was thrilled when he learned that was gaining a new aunt through all this. But most all, we are just thrilled for the happy couple and the new family they are starting--what a blessed beginning this is!
AND, we were lucky enough to celebrate with Sam and Audra in Houston last weekend. Clint had to take the clinical skills portion of his boards in Houston, so Charlie and I went along for the ride. (Our test-taking weekend took a very exciting turn when we learned about the engagement. :) Sam and Audra were the best little hosts and tour guides. We ate out at three wonderful restaurants, went to the zoo, took some fun drives around the city, and got some great visiting time in. Charlie behaved like a champ all weekend, despite being dragged around the whole time. He LOVED the zoo (I could hear him chatting and cooing and chuckling while he rode around in the Baby Bjorn) and was just on perfect behavior at all the restaurants. We usually passed him around and held him before our food came and then would put him in his carseat to sleep while we ate. The second night, he just sat in his seat and chatted up a storm before he fell asleep--he was cracking us up. This little guy is such a party-animal--he is always on his best behavior when we're out and about!
Here are Sam and Audra gazing at the lovely ring...
And here it is in close-up...don't you love the sapphire? Charlie approved.
Touring the zoo with Papa. Charlie was quite impressed with all the animals.
Ok, not THAT impressed. :)
He did really love watching the elephants. Papa and Ali enjoying the zoo with us. I am just sick that I didn't get a picture of Charlie with his Grandma Ali to commemorate their great week together!!
Relaxing in the stroller after a busy day.
Thanks for such a wonderful weekend Sam & Audra. Congratulations!!!!

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  1. What a sweet post, I love it! So glad you guys were here last weekend. Your company made the weekend so special!