Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charlie Goes to the Texas State Fair

Charlie was baptized last weekend (details to come in an upcoming post :), and we were lucky enough to have some of Charlie's favorite people come into town for the occasion. Papa, Ali, and Dede came from Seguin, Uncle Graeme and Aunt Meg came from Austin, Uncle Sam and future-Aunt Audra came from Houston, and Pawpaw and Mimi came all the way from Bronco! We spent Saturday morning (before the football games started, of course) at the Texas State Fair and had so much fun. We were definitely glad we got there early--it was packed by the time we left!
Here's Charlie eagerly anticipating his big day at the fair...

Our first glimpse of the ferris wheel--of course, we had to try it.

Here's Charlie waiting in line for the ferris wheel with Uncle Graeme. Don't they look happy???

Here's Charlie about to board the ferris wheel with me and Clint. He's still looking a bit shell-shocked. :)

Graeme, Meg, Sam and Audra taking off (Ali, Dede, Clint, Charlie and I followed behind in the next car).

Aside from the ferris wheel (which really was pretty great), the petting zoo was our other favorite part of the fair. The animals in there were incredible! I'm used to small town fairs where we'd get really excited about some baby chicks and a lamb (and I still love those animals :), but this was a whole different experience altogether--we even got to pet a zebra and a giraffe!

You can just barely see a glimpse of the zebra in the background here...

Although he enjoyed the fair, Charlie was VERY happy to get home and stretch out on the floor with his adoring public around him. His favorite part of the day was spent rolling around on a blanket talking to all of us and cracking us up with his screeches and his giggles. Here he is at his most excited (heading home :).

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