Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mister Bobo and the Matching PJs

When we were at the lake with Meg and Walter, Walter came out one evening in the exact same tow truck PJs as Charlie owns--only I had not brought Charlie's.  He was so upset with me for not bringing them and begged me to remember them next time we were all together so that he and Walter could match (not sure where this came from, since he's never shown any interest in matching anyone before).  Even Evie was troubled by the pajamas.  When she saw Walter in them, she insisted they were "Caga's!" and tried to get them off of him.  So when we headed down to Seguin for Audra's shower, I made sure to put his tow truck pajamas in, and luckily, Walter remembered his as well.  

The two boys were so happy to be in their matching pajamas.
 Every time Charlie sees this picture, he says "uh oh--Evie doesn't match!" (with a rather pleased voice :).
 Ahh joins the party.  Where are your pajamas, Ahh?
Charlie and Evie get the biggest kick out of Walter, and love that he is such a good baby--they can torment him, and he doesn't seem to mind a bit!  During our weekend in Seguin, Charlie noticed that Meg and Graeme nicknamed Walter "Bobo," and when the three of them met us at dinner one night, Charlie yelled out across the restaurant, "Here comes Mister Bobo!"  This elicited lots of laughs, and soon Evie was saying "Mister Bobo!" as well.  Evie's favorite expression, however, is "No Bobo!"  She says this in her most bossy voice when she thinks he is getting into trouble.  At one point during dinner, I was holding him and he reached over to try to grab one of Evie's grapes.  She yelled "No Bobo!" at him every time he tried this, but was very amused by the whole thing.  She still says "No Bobo!" with some frequency, but now always follows it up with "Ebie's gwapes!"

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