Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Charlie's Theological Musings

Charlie has been slightly more chatty about school so far this year.  The other day, when I forgot to ask him how his day was, he finally got exasperated and said, "well, I had a great day!"  I haven't made that mistake since. :)

I could tell he really wanted to talk today, and when we got in the car, he started telling me all about chapel.  Apparently they are studying the story of Jesus' birth.  Charlie said "at chapel today, I got to be Joseph and Willa [a little girl in his class] got to be Mary.  I just loved that."  He continued to tell me about Joseph, saying "he was Mary'"  Hmmm...not sure that is quite the appropriate terminology. :)  His next question (which led me to believe that we still have a bit of work to do) was "who is Jesus again?"  When I answered that he is God's son, Charlie's immediate response (of course) was, "Oh!  Then I want to be God!"  Oh dear.  Charlie clearly loved his moment in the spotlight as Joseph and continued to talk about it all day.  He was dying to play Joseph again at home and have Evie play Mary, but unfortunately, she wasn't quite as cooperate as he would have liked. :)

Update: I think Charlie's experiences at chapel have been have really been making an impression.  When I picked him up from MOPPETS this morning, his teachers told me that he was their "biblical scholar."  I think it helped that they were talking about Noah's Arc, Charlie's very favorite Bible story, but he was still SO proud.  Never one to be modest, Charlie reiterated to me that he really "knows everything in the Bible." :)

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