Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Johnny Soccer

We ventured into organized sports for the first time this fall with soccer, and Charlie is obsessed!  It is 3-year-old soccer, so I wasn't too sure what to expect (aside from a lot of chaos), but Charlie really wanted to play, so we went with it.  And I really have never seen him enjoy anything (other than driving around LV in the Ranger) so much.  It is the only activity that I don't have to ask him multiple times to get dressed for.  As soon as Charlie hears it is soccer time, he runs to the potty, throws on his clothes (it helps that he thinks his jersey, shin guards, and cleats are the best pieces of clothing ever), and is heading out the door before Evie and I can get our shoes on.  He tries to get us out to play every day, and always says that "soccer" was the favorite part of his day.  He has informed us that he is "Johnny Soccer when I'm on the field, but just Charlie when I'm off."  We have had two games and a few practices, and so far, it has been so much fun.  

Here is Charlie at his first game.  He was SO excited.
I have quickly learned with 3-year-old soccer that the hardest part is convincing 5 kids to go out on the field.  Charlie, luckily, does not have to be convinced.  He played the entire first game and when we dragged him off during the second game so that some other kids could get playing time, he kept trying to run back in.  

Here are Charlie, Walker, and Ford warming up for the first game.

Pre-game huddle:
The first game was mostly chaos, as the kids really had no idea what was going on, but the biggest excitement for Charlie was that he scored his first goal!  I really don't know if I've ever seen him so happy.  He cheered and then ran to Clint and gave him the biggest hug and then ran to me and gave me a huge hug.  He was SO happy, and could not stop talking about it after.  When we were walking to the car after the game, I heard him saying, "that was so awesome when I kicked the ball in our goal."  And everyone we saw for a few days after heard, "I kicked the soccer ball in our team's goal!"

Here is the little guy moving the ball down the field...
and GOAL!
The only time Charlie cried at the first game was when we told him that he couldn't play a second game right after.  And his only other disappointment was that the parents and other spectators were "just sitting on grass."  He thought we should all be sitting on "stadium seats."  I'm afraid C has high aspirations. :)

Our second soccer game was cancelled because of rain.  Charlie was so disappointed that my sweet siblings organized a family soccer game for him.  Little man was quite thrilled with that plan.

Here's Charlie heading to the "big" game.  We played our family soccer game at the little park near the house, which is also where our team practices.  One of my favorite memories of soccer so far is Charlie's happy face as he's speeding to soccer on his scooter.  He is always so happy and so excited to get there.  Evie and I are left in the dust, usually to Charlie shouting, "c'mon, we're gonna be late!!"

The family game was a little more intense than the 3-year-old soccer league.  As least Charlie is learning early that nobody in this family will just let him win. :)

The family soccer game was filled with lots of ball stealing, and it apparently made quite the impression on Charlie.  He was much more aggressive in game #2, and stole the ball quite a bit.  He scored 5 goals, and was so proud of every one of them (even though one may have been scored while the other team was not actually on the field :).  

A few photos of game #2 include: 

(1) Our pre-game pledge of allegiance (the kids are a little confused about this ritual).
 (2) A half-time huddle (lots of important strategy discussed here).  [Charlie is #7.]
(3) Charlie, on his way to score on of his goals!  So exciting. :)
My favorite part of soccer is the big hugs Clint and I get after Charlie scores.  He is just so happy out there that it makes the games so much fun!

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