Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Thursday, September 19, 2013

First Day of School

We were all a bit nervous about the first day of school, but it well as could be expected. :)  We are in a new school this year (I loved their school last year, but the drive was just too far for me.  This one is just 5 minutes away and I am loving my new commute.)  Pros: we got to school on time, we had time to take first day of school photos (!), Charlie walked into his class happily and confidently, and I had positive reports from both kids' teachers during the day.  Cons: Evie cried a lot at drop-off and even hit her teacher when she took her from me.  I knew the transition would be rough for her as she is still SO attached, but it was still really hard for me to leave her.  The hardest part was when I walked back over to her class to peek in and see how she was doing.  I saw her standing in the middle of the room, crying, with her little shoulders just shaking, and it just killed me that no one was holding her.  I think one of the teachers tried to pick her up and she refused (or they were scared off by her hitting!), but it still made me so sad!  Luckily, every day since when I have gone back by, she has stopped crying and is happily playing.  Much better way to leave!  After the first day, the teachers told me a few stories about her tears and her troubles during the day, followed by, "but she is SO cute in that outfit!"  Haha--at least she looked good while acting terrible!  Whenever I ask Evie what she did at school, she proudly reports "Bobby!" (her name for her pacifier), so I think that may be handed out a bit more liberally at school than it is at home. :)

Charlie's reports from school have been nothing but positive.  His teachers are unbelievably sweet and the kids in his class are just adorable.  His teachers think he is a perfect angel (which makes me realize that he DOES know how to behave) and he just loves school.  The other day I forgot to ask him how his day was and as we were walking out, he finally got fed up, and remarked, "well, I had a great day!"

Here they are getting ready to head in on the first day of school.  Evie LOVES her "pack-pack" and "yunk box," she would just prefer to not have do the whole school part.

These two can be such little terrors, but I love the way they play together.  They make each other laugh so hard and Evie just lights up when Charlie tickles her or teases her.  I always pick Evie up from her classroom first (God forbid I not be the FIRST mom there to get her!), and the first thing she says every day is "See Ca Ga!"  She can't rest until we have him with us--then the silly side of her comes out again. :)
Last night of summer meant...popsicles on the patio!  Poor Eves just didn't know what all the fuss was about. :)
And here are the two little monkeys at the end of their first week of school.  Time for the weekend!
All in all, I am so pleased with the kids' new school.  I just love all four of their teachers and the other kids in their classes seem so sweet.  I was so nervous about doing something different this year, but I am so glad we did--this place feels so neighborhood-y and good to me.  Charlie loves it and I have a feeling that in a few weeks (or months... :), Evie will too!

Update: we just finished week 3 and Evie is doing much better.  At drop-off today, she let out a much smaller cry, and it lasted very briefly.  Her teachers said that she had a much better day, which made me so happy!

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