Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Sunday, April 7, 2013

When the Cat's Away...

The mouse (and her brother) will play!  

While I was enjoying myself in LA, Charlie and Evie were enjoying themselves in Seguin.  They were treated to the All-Star lineup of Papa, Ahh, Meggie, and Walter.  And no Mommy or Daddy to spoil the fun.  How could it get any better?  For my kids, I really don't think it could.  Any worries I had about their happiness while I was gone evaporated when I walked into the restaurant to meet Papa, Ahh, Charlie, and Evie after my flight arrived in Austin on Monday night.  I got to watch the kids for a minute before they saw me and it was so fun to see them SO incredibly happy.  They were running around in the booth and just dying laughing.  They were wild, but having the time of their lives.  When they saw me, they were very excited and gave me the sweetest hugs and kisses.  But all they could talk about was the fun they had in Seguin with Papa, Ahh, and Meggie.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing family!

My two wild animals were so excited about their trip.  Evie walked around all morning with her toiletry bag, and when they finally broke into it, they had a tooth-brushing extravaganza.  I guess there are worse things... :)
While Charlie and Papa did big boy things in Seguin, Walter was lucky enough to get some one-on-one time with his favorite babysitter, Evie.  She helped out by testing out his bouncy seat (infinitely more bouncy now than before, youareverywelcome Walter),
loading his walker up with new and engaging toys (notice the wide, interested eyes :), 
conducting additional, more in-depth testing,
and providing W with additional, even more fascinating toys.  He must be so grateful!

Now, even the most energetic babysitter needs to rest!
These two pictures were texted to me while I was in LA.  My thoughts were: (1) I can tell my Evie had a fun day; and (2) I am so glad I am missing this dinner and bath time!

If the above picture is any indication, this bath was extremely necessary.  Luckily for Walter, he got to bathe with Evie.  I'm guessing this was not his calmest bath ever.
 I think W did enjoy his tummy times with Charlie...
Charlie gave Walter an intro-to-vehicles lecture.  Here's W studying for his final exam.
 Charlie and Papa both love to curl up on the couch with a good book...
 Of course, a trip to Papa and Ahh's house would not be complete without...Ranger rides!

 Check out what a day in the Ranger will do to you:
Evie LOVES her Ahh.  And I am not saying that lightly.  Ahh is the only person in the whole world (aside from Clint) that Evie will lunge away from me to get to.  Ahh seems to speak Evie's language somehow, and it amazes me how much more Evie talks around her!
Meg, in a slightly reckless moment, offered to babysit all three kids on Saturday night while my parents went to a wedding.  It sounded like a fairly harrowing evening, but Meg managed to provide the kids with several fun activities AND get them all healthfully and happily through the night.  I am so impressed!

Here is the fearless babysitter and two of her charges.  
 The kids and I drove back to Dallas after my flight got in on Monday night.  I got lots of chatter on the drive home about their fun trip, but, as usual, Charlie was insistent on lots and lots of "kid songs."  The ones he requests most frequently are "the police officer song," "the fire truck song," "the garbage truck song," and "the ranch song" (Home on the Range), but only one song--Hush Little Baby--makes him lean back, relax, and whisper, "this is my favorite song" (every time).  There is something so sweet to me about him loving this song, especially because 99% of the day he just wants to prove how big and tough he is (he does, however, make me sing "hush little big boy" when I sing it to him :).  Here is Charlie belting out Hush Little Baby (there is no picture because it was dark and I was driving (now that I think about it, probably not the best idea to be filming this?)):

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  1. This video is HILARIOUS. I love that you are singing along with him...hahaha.