Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Monday, April 15, 2013

Congrats Kristin & Stephen!

The kids and I spent a fun weekend in Seguin for my cousin Kristin's wedding.  She married a Seguin boy (Stephen), so it was a really fun wedding with lots of old friends to catch up with.  The kids didn't get to attend the wedding festivities, but they had a great time with family during the day (and their sweet babysitters at night :).  I am so excited for this great couple, and loved getting to be a part of this awesome weekend!

I was sneaking a few pics during the ceremony...
 The beautiful couple.
 Adorable flower girls.
Jackson was quite the star on the dance floor.  I had no idea that boy had so many moves.  Check out this video (only one tiny example of his dancing...this literally went on for hours).  I bet he was tired on Sunday!
Charlie and Evie were so excited to have their aunts, uncles, and cousin Walter in town.  They were giddy when Sam and Audra arrived and disappeared into their room with them.   I don't know what went on in there, but I heard lots of giggling and screeching. :)  When Meggie, Foggy, and Walter arrived, they couldn't believe their luck!  Sweet Meggie is always up for playing or reading with them.  She is tireless!
In addition to spending time with their aunts and uncles, Charlie and Evie also got the pleasure of spending a day out in La Vernia with Papa and Foggy.  They both LOVE their solo outings with Papa and are both terrified of ever being left behind.  When Papa came out of his room on Saturday morning what they quickly recognized as his "ranch clothes," they both started to panic.  Evie was first to notice (!!) and kept saying "I go Papa! I go Papa!," and was desperate to get out of her high chair.  Then Charlie pushed his breakfast away and anxiously started trying to get dressed.  It took some fast talking to convince them that Papa was going to wait for them. :)  It is so fun seeing Evie bond with Papa and Ahh in the same way that Charlie did.  She is finally branching out from me a bit, and now she just adores her grandparents.  Every time she woke up in Seguin, she would ask me, "Papa?  Ahh?"  Then she would call for them (in her very quiet little voice :) the whole way down the stairs.  She grabbed onto Papa's hand one day and did not want to let go.  It was so funny seeing her trying to figure out how to reach down and get toys without letting go of his hand. :)

Charlie and Evie also really enjoyed tormenting Walter.  For some reason, they found the lovie-on-his-head trick totally hilarious.

 Another special part of the weekend were their Saturday-night babysitter--my aunt Mary and sweet cousin Grace!  I spent countless nights with Mary growing up, so I was so excited for them to get some time with her (Mary is a pediatrician and is absolutely passionate about kids.  She always has a bag full of fun activities and ideas!  She is incredible.)  She did not disappoint this time--she arrived with card tables and quilts and she and Charlie immediately went to work building a fort.  He and Evie LOVED their fort.  They read books in it, ate dinner in it, and played in it all evening.  Charlie could not stop talking about their fun time together, and I was so grateful that they had such a special, fun evening.  Thank you Mary!

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