Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Day Before Easter

We went to Seguin for Easter and it was so fun to see how excited the kids were to get there.  They always love it, but it was really funny to see them arriving this time so soon after their recent, sans-parents stay.  They walked in like they owned the place and clearly had no need for me or Clint.  Charlie went straight up to the toy room to find his favorite toys and Evie dove straight into Ahh's arms and just started chatting up a storm with her.  My favorite part was when Evie got hungry.  My mom usually sets up a baby seat in a chair for her in the kitchen.  She went to the dining room, pointed frantically to a chair, and then ran back to the kitchen, and started banging on the wall in the exact place where my mom had put the chair last time. :)  I am glad my girl knows what she wants!

Since we were all in Seguin, we had to make the most of it.  Our family has a tradition on the day before Easter of making Easter nests out of sticky weed and wild flowers (for those of you who don't know, an Easter nest is where the bunny puts your basket).  So on Saturday morning, we all headed out to Hickory Hills to ride in the Ranger (of course), have a picnic lunch, and gather wild flowers.

I couldn't get enough of Evie in her skinny jeans and boots. :)
 Charlie wasn't quite himself over the weekend (he threw up on Easter morning, so that explained it), but he was really happy while we were in La Vernia.
 I told you, I just can't get enough of this little booty. :)
 Knowing how popular it is with her brother, Evie had to drive the Jeep.
 Charlie's obsession with trailers and trailer hitches continues...
 We spent a large portion of the morning catching roly poly bugs.  Evie is amazing at this!  Somehow, those tiny fingers manage to catch them without crushing them. :)
 Charlie was so surprised when Graeme joined him in the back for the Ranger ride.  He was thrilled for the company, and I found their conversations so amusing. :)
 Charlie must have been deathly ill for EVIE to be driving.  As Charlie would say, "WHAT??"
 Evie has become such a daddy's girl lately (usually because he has something fun going on).  The other day, she heard he was taking people out to breakfast, and she couldn't get away from me fast enough.  Every time I tried to touch her, she would just bat my hand away and try to get up with Clint.  Luckily for her, she prevailed and triumphantly headed off to breakfast with him. :)

Here she is with her Dada:
 Here's Charlie with Aunt Meggie.  He is in heaven when she is around--and for good reason.  Sweet Walter gets completely ignored by his Mama when Charlie and Evie are in town.  She is the most devoted aunt!  (And they adore her for it :).

 Evie loved stomping through the wild flowers.  There weren't many, so we had to make sure she stomped carefully. :)
 Walter particularly loved eating the wildflowers.  Again, there weren't many, so we had to keep them away from his chompers.  Poor Walter!
 Evie and Meggie picked bluebonnets together.

 Even Charlie got in on the action.
 All that fun was exhausting!
 After naps, we had the cousins over to Papa and Ahh's house to build Easter nests. 
 How cute is Charlotte??
Meg and Graeme played soccer with the kids.  So fun!

 Not sure how well Evie's "soccer" ball will work...
 Sweet Jules.
 Dede and I tried to help with the nests.  I have always loved making Easter nests (except the gathering sticky weed part; thank you Addie for doing that!).

 Samuel was so cute and put so much time and effort into his nest.  He even added some mardi gras beads to his nest--I like that he takes creative risks! :)
 Charlie and Evie were a bit confused by the whole process.  They knew flowers were involved, but they didn't really know what to do with them.

 Jane Ann and Charlotte worked so hard on theirs as well.

 Evie was proud of the final product.
 Good job Julia!
 Charlie and Evie got classic circles.  We went fancy with Walter and did a W. :)
Charlie and Daddy.
 Not sure what Charlie and Katie are plotting here.  They are SO funny together.
 Walter was the star attraction.
 Bryan = helicopter pilot + snake catcher (see below).  Does it get any cooler?  Charlie says no, it does not.
 Walter/Jack face off.  Not sure who I would back in that staring contest.
 I love that smile!

We are ready for Easter!

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