Charlie, Evie and Ford

Charlie, Evie and Ford

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Zoo Fun

Speaking of the zoo...we have been there a lot lately.  We went with Clint on a day off recently, and then again with my parents on another pretty day.  It's such a fun way to spend time outside on pretty days, and the kids just love the animals (and we do too :).  

Evie liked the stairs as much as the animals...

Someone was super excited about the gorillas. :)
Our very favorite thing is feeding the giraffes...this never gets old!

A few of our favorite animals...

The safari jeep is another "must" on every visit.  The only difficult thing is that there are usually a bunch of other kids that want a turn, and Charlie just cannot believe that it is not his to control.  Maybe there's a membership level that confers exclusive Jeep privileges?
And we LOVE climbing on the elephants (statues).

This bulldozer was at least as exciting as the animals...
One thing I love about our zoo membership is the free pony rides.  So fun!
Miss E did great this time--no fear at all!
Daddy took the kids into the goats' pen and they had so much fun playing with them.

Charlie and one of the goats just hung out up on a ledge for a while...seemed to be engaged in a serious conversation.
Guess who had to come join in the fun?
Charlie and I just love this tiger.
Our other favorite exhibit is the lorikeet exhibit.  Charlie loves playing with and feeding these birds, and has no fear of them.  I do not like them walking on me, but they don't bother him a bit.  He was SO proud of himself afterwards!

And on the way out, of course, we had to ride the carousel.  Charlie and Clint went wild in the spinning nest...
...while Miss E took a wild ride on her horse.
Crazy girl!

We went back to the zoo with Papa and Ahh, and had another fun morning.  Charlie had to show them the lorikeets...
I think Papa was a little nervous. :)

Already looking forward to another visit!

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